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World of Twelve Island Madness!!

By Brynnhildr July 12, 2013, 22:57:03
Mini War Madness Event
The idea of this event is to hold several 1hour mini-wars between 2-4nations on different parts of different days to provide some pvp fun and soldier emblems for those who are interested in obtaining these. With a grand finale which will be announced when the time is ripe with a mystery prize at the finale...Why only 1hour? to minimize the discomfort on non attending players. This event is made with the clearance and agreement between the 4 nations. all the governors have been kind enough to lend their help in order to form the event especially Bonta who has lent us Calamari Island. (As of tToday there is a new Bontarian Governor, I'll have a friendly chat when I see him online to see if we can continue this current island loan systeem during his reign =D)

The Rules:
These rules wil keep on "evolving" during the event so that I can see what works out best in a competitive way.

- Each Nation can have several teams to compete
- If the Governor of said nation does not log on a War will not be instigated
- If possible each ATTACKING-team must be made up out of 2x3 members of 2 nations or 3x2 members of 3 nations, for example Bonta+Bonta+Amakna+Amakna+Sufokia+Sufokia or Bonta-x3+Amakna-x3 (you get what I'm saying) in order to promote teamplay and "backstabbing/teamkilling" in order to win the island
- Each Attacking team will start at the Zaap of said Island and wil Race/battle for the right to fight the clanmember and its defending team (killing other teams is allowed during the race to the clan-member)
- Since Clan-Members can only be captured once every 24h the event is over when an Attacking team wins, or if the defending teams maintain a good defence for 45 minutes thus protecting the Island
- The team that wins the most, and competes the most (players who join the event more often) will get their name added into the "prize-roulette" which will be done with a written down name for every 1nce an Attacker attacks the clanmember or a Defender defends him per event and then shall be drawn at random from a hat in order to choose the winning Defender and Attacker (there will be 2 winners for this event)
- Prizes will be fun, and possibly usefull and any donation from contenders towards the final prize shall be noted and credited in this post, the more donations the bigger the prize =)

The first set date
Sunday 14-7 @14:00 server-time - Winner Bonta!!!!

The second set date
Wednessday 17-7 @8:30am server-time (2:30pm GMT+8 for the Sufokian Governor)
Cancelled due to Bonta's current government ruining the plans by re-capturing and instigating a nation War. This even when I asked them to think over the idea and talk things over with me BEFORE any further action is taken. =) GG guys =)

Kind regards,

Brynheldr Brakmarian Governor

P.S. (more obvious statement...since people have read over this several times) THE ISLANDS WILL BE RETURNED TO BONTA AT THE END OF THE EVENT since we are LENDING THEM during this time =) which will span about 4 mini events =)
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Sounds good I will try to film the event.
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Remarkable! Shouldn't you care of more important things, as a Governor?
Meanwhile on da Brakmar Market:
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Domo83|2013-07-13 20:38:35
Remarkable! Shouldn't you care of more important things, as a Governor?
Meanwhile on da Brakmar Market:
Dear Domo as you might have read in my mandate plan (found in the politics forum) the market is sceduled to undergo several "revamps" and "replanning" on which I have asked feedback. Currently I have recieved very low feedback to see what our citizens want to see happening on our market (other then more activity which is mostly up to YOU the citizens to help make happen) since our team cant be the sole contributers to the market sadly since that is just not a system that works. If you have any CONSTRUCTIVE feedback on this matter I would be more then glad to take this into account withing our planning to revive Brakmars markets (which has been attempted by pretty much every governor, and has yet to wield any result) So on this matter I would again like to ask you to provide feedback and information on what you want to see on our markets as a citizen and ofc for your patience since this is not a matter which is resolved withing one mandate (which in reality is only 14days, and thats basicly too short to redo a full nations market + inspire people to keep contributing towards this)

I would gladly recieve your contribution in the form of feedback (and ofc reselling your own items on braks market) ingame or through the forum inbox.

Kind Regards,

Brynheldr (Brakmarian Governor)
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Hey Bryn,

I basicly agree with you, especially on the part about feedback. If you are to put much effort into the market you must be sure the majority of Brakmarians want this too and will work with you at least partially.

There are also two points I wish to opose though. Firstly, there has been a Brakmarian Governor who did have success on reviving the Brakmar market, making it almost on par with Amakna's market (back then) quantity-wise, and exceed it even, if you were looking for high level stuff; Fhil the Turtle Back managed this (now, I wasn't his biggest fan because if some "martial law" stuff, but he was good for Brakmar and especially their market).

Secondly, IF(/when) you want revive the market I think that:
(other then more activity which is mostly up to YOU the citizens to help make happen) since our team cant be the sole contributers to the market sadly since that is just not a system that works.
is not the right additude towards an eventual marketboost. In fact, changing the market does start with yourself. Back in Fhil's governing days almost all items came from him, his alts, his guildies (incl. all Fire Academy "fresh" Brakmarians) and the other government members (if I remember correctly). For Amakna Rayne is the one who began changing the market by herself as well, and pushing her guild, government buddies, their guilds and only later strangers running about the nation or about Bonta's markets to change the market. Yes, being the sole contributers won't be enough, but you should be the sole initiator if you want to pull it off. If people like what they see, chances are that your mandates will last longer than 14 days.

So far my rant; let me repeat that I agree with you that you if you are unsure about what Brakmarians want it might be best to not put too much energy in the market. Feedback is super important for governers and its a pain if they get (or gather?!) too little.

On topic though. I like the event idea. I heard it from Rayne already. Atm I'm not online very much (I'm in the final stage of finishing my bachelors thesis). But this idea sounds promissing. To be honest, I think this may be the best event revolving arround the islands that I've seen; minimalizing accidental casualties, yet PvP fun for those who want it. Good job on that.
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First of all Blan (Good to finaly hear from you again!) thanks for the constructive feedback with your thoughts on both the matter of the market and ofc the event. Before any further reaction are made towards the market I would like to beseech people to do in the post which is meant for that (the mandate plan: Click here ) to keep the offtopic chat as low as possible =)

Now to start off I totaly get what you are saying Blan but I would like to point out that 1 person selling items on all his alts is not a market, atleast in my eyes. One man selling items on a dedicated place for that is more of a "shop" and if that person runs out of items or doesnt have time to log to repost the "shop" is empty again... which is not how I would like to see Brakmars market. Cause this would mean there will be periods of "nothingness" instead of a florishing market which is self sustaining due to the combined efforts of the players who reside in said nation. Exactly this reason is why I am saying there hassn't been a true market revival yet, else it would still be active/wel visited and have atleast more then 3-5 havenbags per day/week. And as I agree that it starts with "us" it needs to end up being and staying more then "just us" since there is much more to experience in the game then being a sole contributor to one of many parts of such a great game =) This is exactly why I want to plan it out before acting it out to try and ensure (for as far as that is possible) that it's not just going to be another "one day fly" market which is put back into action. This is also why I am saying 14 days is just too short to achieve something like this, and that even if I'm not re-elected I wil still be working towards achieving this together with all who feel the same "heart" for Brak as I know our current team does feel.

On topic again:
"minimalizing accidental casualties, yet PvP fun for those who want it." is exactly what I want to achieve with this! so it's great too see you mention that =)

Thanks again for the feedback Blan =)

Kind Regards,

Brynheldr (Brakmarian Governor)

CONGRATZ TEAM BONTA(with the adition of 1 amaknean) on capturing Calamari Island!
Winning team:
- Jerrydb
- Music
- Iamhulk
- Whiskyjacks
- Hayden
- Moakawaki

Next spot for the war will be Wild Estate which has been sneakily captured by some Brakmarians during the time of war (without letting me know any of it lol) sneaky sneaky Brak's

The Date for the next mini defend/capture will be set somewhere tomorrow, hopefully the Defending team wont fall asleep so only 3 join the defence! (and that way have a longer event!)

Thanks everyone for attending! the War state should be reversed As soon as the Governors Log online! (Request has allready been sent) should be within the next 30minutes orso as agreed upon =) if it takes any longer I'd like to apologies in advance on behalf of the Governor who doesnt make it on time to revert it! If you have experienced any inconvenience during this short time of war please contact me ingame so we can try and resolve this matter together!

Arachi has logged and accepted the Alliance re-offer =) now it's just waiting for Rayne^^ as she'd do her best to log on time i'm assuming something came inbetween! bear with us untill she loggs to revert the war =) Other then that!! enjoy your day everyone!! =)

The following points of interest have been noted for the next event:
- Only one nation needs to be at war with another in order to form some teams with members of all nations to minimize the downtime and discomfort towards any nations =) and to provide more backstabbing fun within the defend/capture fight in the form of "kill the defender, then finish your unwanted party members in order to cap it for your nation"
- War wil only be instigated when the Governor of the opposing Nation logs on instead of at the "agreed upon time" in order to prevent unwanted long duration of the war =)
- Give the Defending team some Coffee so they don't doze off during their defensive jobs! (to prevent 6 on 3 combat)
- Defensive team should start out at the Clan Member, Offensive teams race from the nearest zaap to instigate the Agro asap in order to "race and win" the event due to a 1 agro win possibility! =)

Kind Regards,

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As Bryn said, this event was indeed agreed upon, but unfortunately all I had heard was that it would be at Sunday evening. When I just checked the forums I was saddened to see the event had already been held at 14:00. Sorry for the inconvenience this may have caused with a longer war than expected. Brakmar and Amakna are now allied again.

I'd love to have been there, better luck next time! Congratulations to the winners and thanks for everyone organizing and participating!

-Xx Rayne
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Out of Curiosity; who were in the Amaknian team?
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@blan there were about 4 or 5 who turned up playerwise, whisky hijacked a spot on team bonta in order to try and sneak a last drunk kill hit on the boss hihi. there will be a small change in the base foundation of the next event in order to provide a more compettitive situation with possibly pre made teams...

@rayne I must have been massively drunk during our chat since I though I understood it would be early on the day and I blurted out 2 lol might not have registerd 100% due to this sucky failing festival internet!! standing listning ton the "handsome poets" as im typing this!! ill organise and structurise the next round more clearly!!

a lot of kiddieproblemos came to light today and I though of what I myself deem an awesome solution will post it tomorrow!! but for now back to my pint and the bands!! (dedicated guv playing even at a festival I must be daft haha) peace out!!!
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Ga naar huis Bryn, je bent dronken (alweer)!

[transl.: Go home, Bryn. You're drunk (again)!] 
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lol blan! wassnt that bad hehe =D

Updated Rules and another Short-notice for the next date and time =)
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I know that u guys just want to have fun event and for u guys it doesnt seem to be bad but in my opinion

This event is something that I can call "The minority who want to decide about the majority"
I am sorry but this is against my view .
Most of the Bontarians would probably say "I dont care about this event . I want the island belong to my country, no matter how, Goverment is truly responsible for this if he will not I wont vote him anymore couz he politics sucks and being to passive "

I am sorry for not being passive guy I have to Govern the biggest and strongest nation : )
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Hahaha Bryn xD Don't write stuff on the forums when you're drunk, nab xD Anyways, I can't be there to view the event Wednesday unfortunately, as I'm working then. If you're going to set another date with Amakna involved, please let me know the right time beforehand :p

-Xx Rayne
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will do so rayne!!

@batmanoman most of the people who turned up were bontarian, that alone proves that its not just a minority that wants to join in, just because you yourself are not interested in some harmless fun and playing together with people that you never played with before in the form of this event doesnt mean that others dont want to do so =) anyways you are more then welcome to join the event since I have an open door policy =) and about the islands I would like to point you towards jumpers earlier reaction as he made several good and grounded comments about those =) and again you are more then welcome to either join or ignore the fun, whatever suits your playstyle best =)...

and also for that matter even if only 4 people decide to join, if im able to atleast provide ten minutes of fun for some players and to offer somethjng else then the ussual grind I am more then happy to put my time, efforts, dedication and funds towards those players.


tha brakmarian governor! (ps elections up soon so keep an eye on the mandate plan =D)
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Thanks Bryn! {3 Love the event btw, it's worked out practically this way, I think.

@Shik: Even if that were true (which I don't think it is), the people who don't like the idea have been taken into account, that's the main reason why these events are so short of duration smile

-Xx Rayne
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And, @Shik, If I may add another reason. All the Governors are on relatively good terms with eachother. If one nation kept 1 island constantly it would be unfair. It's so more than logical that they get switched out in "friendly" wars. That is much better, in my opinion, then a hostile war or hate between the nations.
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I can agree this is fair as sport ,but trust me . Politics isnt sport and never been fair : )
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Thats exactly whats wrong with the western world. Our politicians are liars. We however can set a good example and show the world how it should be.
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PidgeonX|2013-07-16 12:46:24
Thats exactly whats wrong with the western world. Our politicians are liars. We however can set a good example and show the world how it should be.

Pretty much this.

Wakfu (in game terms) is it's own microcosm, separate from the real world (and/or its troubles). Why should it emulate real world politics? Why should WE seek to emulate real world politics?

Just because it's part of the game, does not mean that Wakfu politics SHOULD be like real life politics. It CAN or MAY be, but never SHOULD be.
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Just because it's part of the game, does not mean that Wakfu politics SHOULD be like real life politics. It CAN or MAY be, but never SHOULD be.

Yeah exactly! :O What's more, I think we should use this opportunity to create political system that IS fair, or at least as fair as possible.

-Xx Rayne
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