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Big community event. (Click if you want to know :D)

By cameroncamou - MEMBER - May 05, 2020, 20:14:02

Good morning to all, whether you're new, old, from other nations, from other countries... You're accepted here.

I would like to organize big community events with your help.

All this can be done. Because for that. Our community must be united.

No matter the circumstances. Right now, everything is complicated. That's why. I'd like to entertain you at times like this.

To be together. And share something. That's why I'm announcing the choices I've made. :

(1) A PVP tournament in 2v2 or 3v3 on level 110 auto.

(2) Small frequent events.

(3) A treasure hunt, or long puzzle and riddle games.

(4) The choice is yours.

For that, I give you an appointment on May 8th at 5pm (game time) at Ecaflipus.
To elect the choices. (I will also offer you, small riddles, and draws to win things).
During the big events mentioned above, draws will also be made to reward players who will have lost.

Rules :

Of course, like everything else. Rules will be present.
That's why I would ask you, to speak the "English" language, which is the international language in these cases.

To respect a minimum of discipline, not to insult and so ... Which would result in direct disqualification if the rules are not enforced.

I always accept the help of people, to help me organize and carry this out. Thank you all for participating in this.

I wish you all the best,

Leten Kip'Spart. angel

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Good intiative. it's nice to see people are still into to make our community more united.


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gj bro ,keep going we need that happy 

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pvp auto builds clown fiesta

ngl i would watch that, nice idea

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Good luck ! smile

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