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[Event] Haven Bag Hunt

By Aiden-Osiris - MEMBER - October 10, 2019, 11:05:05
Greetings to all,

Recently five adventurers have gone missing from Amakna. These brave souls were sent forth in search of precious resources across the nation. We have been searching fervently but are now beginning to fear the worst. Amakna is in need of anyone willing to help in the search to find the whereabouts of these travelers, and perhaps recover the lost resources. Your assistance will long be remembered by our nation, and you will be graciously rewarded for you efforts. 

Most Sincerely,  

- Remzin, servant of Amakna


Hey all, here's an event for anyone looking to take a break from the normal grind. This coming Saturday, 12 October 2019, Amakna will have a haven bag hunt open to everyone, any level, any nation, or no nation. Beginning at 7:30pm server time, five haven bags will be hidden throughout Amakna, to include the mines and capital. Each bag will contain one resource, being sold for 1 kama. Purchase the resource, make a post in this thread, and then trade it to me for 1,000,000 kama. Please abide by rules below. Haven bags will remain available until all resources have been purchased.

Haven Bag Names
Twisted Toni's Haven Bag
Logical Lionel's Haven Bag
Violent Valerie's Haven Bag
Mysterious Michael's Haven Bag
Grouchy Grayson's Haven Bag

Open to anyone, of any level. One prize per account. Once you find the bag, purchase that resource, and then post the words "Found one" on this thread. Please post "Found one" using the same account associated with the character you used to make the purchase. Hang on to that resource in order to trade it, and then meet me at the Amakna Zaap to claim your reward.

(The purpose of posting "Found one" is two fold. On one hand it serves as an update of sorts, allowing players to return to this thread and check for updates on how many bags/if any are left. My goal here is to help players not waste time looking for bags that aren't there. Secondly, it helps keep the prizes limited to one account. Your understanding here is appreciated. This will serve as a control measure of sorts, allowing me to check the characters in the profile associated with the account. The intent for this is to keep prizes limited to one account and allow a chance for others to win.) 


* 7:30pm server time, 12 October 2019 *

Step 1: Find a hidden haven bag. This event is for characters of all levels and haven bags will be hidden in locations accessible to anyone. Bags may be hidden behind walls or within structures as well.  

Step 2: Purchase the resource that is being sold for 1 kama. Hold on to this resource until we meet.

Step 3: Post a message on this thread that reads "Found one". Ensure to post this message using the same account of the character used to purchase the resource from haven bag. 

Step 4: Find me in game at the Amakna Zaap (this may take a day or so). Tell me the name of the haven bag you purchased the resource from. I'll then open an exchange window with you.

Step 5: Claim your reward. If the resource you have matches the haven bag it came from, and as long as you posted "Found one" with the same account of the character you're using, you will be given 1 million kamas. 

Para aquellos que hablan español, y quieren los detalles de este evento, envíeme un mensaje privado. 


[Remington Server] [ign: Remzin Osiris]
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Found one (Mysterious Michael, Dreggon Scale, Character-Axmil, Osamodas)

1 -1
Score : 149

Found One! (Twisted Toni, purched Edible Stasilli on ‘Redcaflip’ character)

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Score : 1

Found one! (Violent Valerie, Sryanide Ore)

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Score : 31

Found one (logical lionel, gray substance)

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Score : 2

Omg yes

Found one! (Gouchy Grayson, Blood Red Amethyst) 

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Score : 398
To all who scoured the land of Amakna,

Our nation holds you in the highest regard. Our most sincere thanks are forever yours. Thanks to your valiant efforts, these adventurers can now once again return home. You not only found their whereabouts, but have also returned with the precious resources that will help usher in a bright future for Amakna. We hope that you might accept the simple reward offered as token of our gratitude and friendship. Best wishes to you in your endeavors, we are truly grateful.

Most Respectfully,

-Remzin Osiris


Hey all,

I’d just like to say thanks to everyone who stopped by Amakna to take part in the hunt; thanks for participating. Congratulations to our winners and great job with the search. I hope there was a little fun to be had from this event, thanks for coming out.

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Score : 149

Thank you for hosting it! This event brought me and my friends together, and we had a good laugh and *tried* to find bags. I really appreciate this event, thank you very much!

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