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Brawlmington ed.12 [PVP EVENT]

By SirPercedal - MEMBER - April 26, 2019, 13:29:09

Hey Twelvians!

Time for yet another Brawlmington event filled with great fights and funny atmoshpere! biggrin
Date? 28.04.2019
Time? Start probably around 8-9pm server time
Where? Punchy Arena in Astrub (pic below) if there will be any bigger group fights we can move to ecaflipus pvp maps.

The main idea unchanged. We're gathering to have fun and enjoy the pvp in game. Event is targeted to both beginners and veterans of pvp on 200 lvl. But if u have als pvp set don't be afraid and step in a moment to ask if there is somebody who fight on that lvl tier c:

Event host both group pvp and solo. If you don't have team don't worry we can always create some from other ppl on Brawlmington ^^
If you're not in the mood for fighting, or your underlevel or ungeared. But u still want to spend time with nice and funny people you're also welcome.

Most of fights are recorded and then send to Reg YT channel 

So see you all on events!
Brawlmington organizers xoxo

P.S. For more info pls contact;
ign: Lady Percylia, Suspect, Darth Kitty, Sorotity
discord: Sir Percylius#2403, Suspect#2781, Darth Kitty#1701, bumbum#5872
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