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9th ed Brawlmington [PVP EVENT]

By SirPercedal - MEMBER - February 21, 2019, 00:09:51

Hello, hello!
Come hang out with us and fight a bit during 9th ed of Brawlmington. PvP content made by players for players!
Date? 24.02.2019
Time? Start probably around 8-9pm server time
Where? Punchy Arena in Astrub (pic below) if there will be any bigger group fights we can move to ecaflipus pvp maps.

We doin pvp with nice and sympathetic atmosphere. Both expirianced and newish pvpers are on event so don't worry we'll find someone to fight for ya!
We're hosting both group pvp and 1v1, there are some players that can provide als pvp so it's always worth to step by and ask if somebody have als set if u're into als pvp.
If u don't have eq/lvl/mood for fight, u're also welcome just to hang out and chat with us spreading joy around.
Fights are recorded and send to Reg's YT channel (we found the problem with blurry vids that happen during 6th ed and will not happen again)

See ya all on event,
Brawlmington organizers xoxo

P.S. For more info pls contact;
ign: Lady Percylia, Suspect, Darth Kitty
discord: Sir Percylius#2403, Suspect#2781, Darth Kitty#1701
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