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Brawlmington 6th Edition [PVP EVENT]

By SirPercedal - MEMBER - January 04, 2019, 02:04:58

Hello Wakfu players, we come back in 2019 with another edition of Brawlmington!

Event will be hosted 13.01.2019
This event will be a lil experiment bc we spliting event into 2 parts to allow some asian friends to fight with us. So due to their timezone we set 1st part of event on 2pm-4pm and the other will start 9 pm server time till players will like to fight tongue. And we meet on Punchy Arena (Astrub), in case of bigger team fights we will give you location and map name on Eca Arena.

2018 was really good year for us, we made a lot of progress, gather a lot of footage, introduce pvp to players who never done it before! Im sure we are able to progress even futher this year!
As always main part of event are 1v1, but we are open for any kind of group pvp as well, that would be great way to improve before international pvp tournament made by Ankama!
All the fights are recorded and send to Reg YT channel to spread news that Wakfu pvp scene is still alive! ^^
The main reason is to improve our pvp skills, and creates a bonds between players. We have both weterans and new faces so most of the time we're able to match u with oponent on simmilar skill level to you.
But don't worry if u don't like fighting, or don't have gear u can always join us to watch matches and discussed about everything tongue

We'll be waiting for u!
Brawlmington organizers xoxo

P.S. For more info pls contact;
ign: Lady Percylia, Suspect, Sorotity, The Bambi Slaya
discord: Sir Percylius#2403, Suspect#2781, bumbum#5872, MrSlayer#7129,
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