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Kyo HYD's Christmas Lottery - RESULTS

By HYD-KyoJin - MEMBER - December 25, 2018, 14:21:11

WINNERS OF THE Three runner-ups - 100,000 Kamas
- Zyliath
- Fixxr
- Kurlya

3th - 500,000 Kamas
- Biscuit999

2nd - Golden Keychain relic
- Cody5

1st -1,000,000 Kamas

Leave me a message on discord when you'll be online.
I'll be roaming in the game from time to time and try to contact y'all!!

Discord: HYD#6047

7 -2
Reactions 11
Score : 1534

lemme get that first reply and entry

*edit* sorry bit drunk and didnt see
so christmas message... uhm Merry christmas everyone hope you had a great day and got some nice gifts More importantly i hope you gave some lovely gifts to your loved ones.finally I hope the liquor was flowing and the laughs were plentiful. 

Name is Necesto and account name is up there ^


3 -1
Score : 614

then you should write a jolly kwismas message, your account name and character name!

3 -2
Score : 123

best christmas wishes from asphogulous (nick: crimson-cowboy or some variant)
hope you get a better present than chocolate flavoured shampoo

3 -1
Score : 12

Hello , 

First of all, i want to thank u for organizing this lottery.
my christmas message : it's time to be thankful to the Jesus in some extra quantity because he has given some extra days off from work! and my special wishes to you and to all those too are close to you. May you have a Christmas that is more special than it has ever been !! 
Merry Christmas !!!
My name in game is : Cazino / my account name : LACREVETTEINFERNAL

3 -2
Score : 6375


Under the starry skies which shines so bright,
The songs of Christmas strikes ever so right.
Let the dawn of Christmas bring you a cake,
which is nice and freshly baked.
And also to share with those, dear, near and far. 
to spread the warmth this season.

Wishes .
- Intimidator / Stotena

3 -2
Score : 2143

Merry xmas guys! i hope that this year has been really good for all of you and the next one brings much better things to your life. Good luck everybody and happy holidays wub
Ingame name: Noctis Dominus
Account name: Fixxr

3 -1
Score : 5507

Merry Kwismas to all the twelvians around the world!
May the krozmos be kind to you all for years to come.

cody5's xelor: Frostbyte
3 -2
Score : 2856

Happy Kwismas to all of you! Learn from your mistakes, be proud of achievements, love loved ones. Wish you have a good weekend. Be happy in the World of the Twelve and in real life!

filin-dm / Owll

6 -1
Score : 42

Happy Kwismas to y'all!

Ingame name: Semero (lv76 Sram)
Account name: ZyliathTheAngel

3 -2
Score : 62

i am a bit late xD
ingame name: Alvar Voldaeron
account name: Leggendalex

3 -2
Score : 28
Nomartic(charaname) of the Kurlya(Idontremembermyaccnamearrrgh) squad wishes ya'll happy holidays~☆ Have lots'a fun, enough dragonturkey and api juice to feast on.
Don't forget to take your pills and please don't touch these colorful tight-seaked vials hanging on the kwismas tree - there are diseases propagating inside. The growth was colorful enough and I did not have ornaments, so... just in case. Do not touchy!
3 -2
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