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Brawlmington 2nd Edition [PVP EVENT]

By SirPercedal - MEMBER - October 25, 2018, 01:20:09

Hello ppl of the World of Twelve!

I'm honored to invite you to 2nd edition of our pvp event Brawlmington.
Date of event is 28.10.2018, start around 8-9 pm Server time, we met on Punchy Arena (dmg test dummy near Astrub city)

Event is mostly targeted around 200lvl players, both 1v1 and group format is played there. But there are also ppl with als pvp builds.
The main reason behind a event is to bound our community, improve our pvp skill, and invite new faces to pvp world!
All of matches will be recorded and send on Reg's YT channel to bring more attention to Wakfu in internet c; 
If u don't feel good with fighting, don't worry come hang out with us and have fun time together!

The 1st edition was very sucessfull, it took 4h and during that time we recorded 31 vids! Many new players in pvp world showed up, also many veterans appeared on the call. So there was always someone simmilar to each other skill level. There was a lot of joy and silly fights too tongue

I hope even more ppl will show up on next edition and we will have great fun!

We invite you all to participate and watch skirmishes!
With love,
Brawlmington organizers xoxo

P.S. For more info pls contact;
ign: Lady Percylia, Suspect, Sorotity, Nimapry, The Bambi Slaya
discord: Sir Percylius#2403, Suspect#2781, bumbum#5872, SpadesMagnes#7989, MrSlayer#7129
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Sadly cant participate, great idea tho

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What a pity, but don't worry Cait!
We have in plan to do next edition of event every 2 weeks, so maybe u will come and play with us 11.11.2018? ^^

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The event end some time ago, there was more ppl joining then previous edition. there where much more fights and fun!
Sadly we had only 2 ppl who recorded and we record only 21 vids. We done 1v1, 3v3 and one big 6v6 fight and it took 53 min ;-;, I think we would avoid such big fights in next editions.
It was really nice to see that amount of ppl intrested in pvp! I hope will see you all in the 3rd edition 11.11.2018! Will do thread to remind ppl about it later! c;
Thank ya all,
organizers of Brawlington event xoxoxo

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