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Server Lags

By creepycat01 - MEMBER - December 31, 2017, 22:31:05
I wanted to ask what’s about these server- lags? It’s been weeks and it’s still happens sometimes. Is there any way, to fix this? 
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And this is the second unexpected server restart this week. Where is our compensations? Our boosters  are running.
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Also the maintenance is not bad after all, just want to play this game playable. But it’s kinda annoying, the server lags started weeks ago, and it’s still not fixed yet. 
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are we getting comp tokens for that? :U
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I planned to do smasher at last day of the year. So we started, full of hope and then, after few secs of good vibes and other rainbowy feelings, this happened.... all of us just started to cry and shout. We cried since unexpectedly we got best new year's gift ever - the feeling of hopelessness, shattered dreams and #nobugfunolaifu state and then we shouted, we screamed right on the face of the evil, THE LAG. It was the Boss of THE LAGSmore preciselly. So with being serious now I hope you will 1.postpone the day of the New Year's Eve 2.make it double 31st's or something else since im out of cool names XD #BossSmasherForTheNeedyMadHeroes
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