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By Rekiles - MEMBER - December 21, 2017, 13:55:19
You guys can scammers name and what they did. So we would know whos who.


Catrua : Do not trust to this person. I take them for bwork dungeon. He wanted me to take off my sidekick because for his friend. For that he offered me to give the horns and hammer to me if he drops. After dungeon he didn't. Keep it in ur mind. Not important but still a scammer.
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lol sadly i think they will close this you cant expose personal info or scam info idk some policy crap :U
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Thats not scamming, that's just lying.
Urbandictionary of 'Scammer': One who does everything in his/her power to steal from another, usually by means of trickery, deceit, and force.
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I would call it "untrustworthy", but not scammer. Either way, even when I think a list like this would be useful for the community, it's likely to be closed due to the forum rules about users.
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This, I do wish the community was more generous is dungeon running though. But there definitely needs to be a better incentive for doing dungeons and matchmaking, it would be nice to match with people across other servers and great for the game as a whole as their will be more active players to participate with cross-server. Even if they can't speak english, I use translators most of the time anyway.
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back on the old days, i got many help from high players, nowaday every1 seem to be too selfish to help those newbies player. Even if they agree to take them to dungeon but then ask them for the drop !?!?!?! 
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Blame the craft revamp mate. Every drop can now be used to make something, at least powder.
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