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Naughty Tentacles Christmas Gifts Auction

By PineappleApricot - MEMBER - November 24, 2017, 10:24:02

Hi, remingtonians! The view from my window started to look a little bit winter-like, so I figured it’s time to start Xmas and New Year preparations. So, I came crying to her Majesty Vanakyria saying “your Highness, I don’t know what to do, I don’t have gifts for all our precious octopussies”. And the Wise Lady Vanakyria answered… “throw’em an event, duuuh!”

Well, maybe it wasn’t exactly like that, but I kept the general idea.

So, let’s jump straight to it. From December, 1 to December, 23 Naughty Tentacles will be hosting… yes, you guessed right, another auction!  This one will be a remastered version of Secret Santa.

Here is the concept: for the next few weeks we (a.k.a. Tentaclia Mayor) will be collecting stuff you’re willing to gift to auction it later (around Xmas-time).

For your gift box to be accepted, it must meet the following conditions:·
  • Contain 1 to 5 items from any of the following categories: costumes, pets, deco items, emotions, lvl150+ gears, epics and relics, bags and ikiakits
  • Be worth 200 000 kamas or more
  • Have a name or a short description of the idea that made you put it together (the example will be given below)

You can provide multiple gift boxes
Also please mention if you would like the gift box to have your name on it or do you want to submit it anonymously

And here are the rules of the upcoming auction:        
  • All the kamas raised during the auction will be spent on the Haven World·
  • Gift boxes should be described to Cutie or Vana in a direct message and given to Tentaclia Mayor (contact Cutie or Vana to log her in) before December, 15. The list of gift boxes will be posted in the auction channel·
  • Every Remington player can submit gift boxes and place bids·
  • The auction itself will be held in discord, on auction channel. It will start December, 17 and end December, 23. It will give you a week to compete for the gifts you want to get·
  • The starting price will be 300 000 kamas, and the minimal raise will be 10 000·
  • Once the auction is over, winners have 7 days to produce their payments, otherwise their gift box will be passed down to the next bidder

And here is an example of a gift box description:
Let’s say, Jane is still trying to get rid of her soul (you remember Jane, don’t you?). So, she puts it in her box and throws in a couple of candies (and her puppy climbed in there too, so she was like… whatever). She decides to name it “The Grim Reaper Care Package” and hint that there is something sweet and something not-so-sweet inside. And oh, something that barks. She also decided to stay anonymous, so she mentioned that to me (not the smartest idea considering there is her soul in it, but her wish is my command, blahblahblah)

Here is a link to our Discord server -
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We're gettin quite a handful of giftboxes from our dear members and friends, make sure to check the list here, so u dont miss any updates

Score : 595

Hey there, the Auction is gettin started! Dont miss a thing, join the fun now!

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