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ANKAMA bad service

By mariojjonas - MEMBER - November 11, 2017, 14:22:08

4 days after getting hacked losing in the process all my equipments ,getting my chars deleted and getting really mentally down , ANKAMA still didn't reply in any way when it's a really important matter since it's my 2 years work and everything that I spent my time and money on. This type of behaviour shows the limit of their managing team since it's a critical situation having players losing all they had and nothing even getting a reply after such thing. I don't ask that you restore my chars , I demand a response and an apology for making me not only waste my money but my time and sanity. It's really too much 1st getting ignored for the end time in a row . This is not acceptable knowing that I p2p meaning that Isupport the game and company. I will say it once again , please just reply.

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So you've been playing an Ankama game for 2 years and are surprised by this?

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Classic Ankama style. Lot's of my friends never get anwsered after they send tickets. They just like to avoid hard conficlts and most of time Ankama as a concern don't want to addmit to thier mistakes.

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i have 8 acc and 3 from start of wakfu from all of that i use 1 or 2 max(past time i del all), p2p and f2p from time to time
no one hack my acc-ounts. i don`t blame you why didnt secure them or why akama have maybe weak encryption. Just maybe you can consider to check pc.  If in any case your password is stealed for their mistake ,damage is already done they cant do a lot. i dont defend them .

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They can always do rollbacks. I don't demand much just a freaking rollback to start regearing again

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Ankara is a small company. They're not ALWAYS quick on they're toes. Deeply sorry for your two years of work to vanish in an instant. Cant believe the feeling your going through. but hear this, Ankama is trying they're best to juggle multiple conflicts they receive everyday. We should be thankful they ATLEAST release new content. Be patient.

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Anakama is a small company...
Look at Dofus, another game from the same company.
Get back here and look at Wakfu. See the problem? That's where is the issue is.

Score : 186
Skyler5636|2017-11-13 16:15:57
 We should be thankful they ATLEAST release new content.

what new content have with his loss, he is angry and mad with reason or not dont know (4 days) but they should give him private answer or something like: "your problem is in processing when we find solution we will send you a message for X days or your subcriber status will be for X time longer and we are sorry for  inconvenience "  simple like that.
Score : 218

I think that a proper answer could have been better because not only I lost perfect gears for cra sram and rogue but also lost every char that I had .

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Could you possibly backtrack how you got hacked to begin with to at least make sure it doesn't happen again after ankama fixes this problem (if they do)? Like for example, a password with both letters and numbers, capitals help as well, using different passwords for different accounts. And finally never share your password, not even with friends online, don't trust anyone, also don't use the same gaming passwords and other confidential information and don't type in your wakfu passwords on sites that wakfu does not own.

Of course I'd like to assume that you know all that so it is completely unnecessary, but I feel the need to remind you, of course I get the feeling that support will tell you the same thing after they help you.

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Are you tanyas boo or risingson?

Score : -18

I have played this game  since beta and do to anakma  mistakes i have lost my account x3 all gear,kamas and they never got back to me and never given anything back so don't think they are going to feel sorry for you and give your stuff back never going to happen they don't care.

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Maybe next time dont give out your password to anyone.

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LOL yeah you shouldn't entirely be surprised with this especially since most of support exists in France and are French speaking, so they can't really prioritize US players in that sense especially due to the language barrier. But Yeah I've contacted support multiple times and had friends do so, and many times there were errors on their end or miscommunication because they didn't understand what was said. Even then they have a flawed ToS that does not have to abide by Global rules or USA rules that they can use exploit players that are not based in their home country. And if you have a problem with it they can delete your account or ban you, or you can get a full refund by terminating fees you spent in this game and risk a permanent ban yourself. They will also removes your forums posts and posts or reddit, it's incredibly harsh and any criticism is not tolerated or swept away. That being said, give customer support sometime, they contacted me a year and a half later about a haven bag bug I had which brought me back to the game.

Aside from what was said, Thanks Ankama. I do love this game it is literally the best tactics-based MMORPG I have ever played. (I was not paid to say this, promise) 

P.S. Jokes and my sarcastic, apathetic humor aside, I know all the juicy details since I've been here since closed/open beta, (sadly not alpha) so if you ever want to rant, I'm up for it. I'm not looking to start trouble, just find like-minded people interesting and I'm tired of some of the more brainwashed players that think every game is without its flaws.

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Yea I was inactive for a couple months earlier in the year and came back to find all my stuff was gone so I looked on the suspicious connections and saw ips from all over europe. Asked for a refund on something I had just bought and to see if I could get my stuff back. They perma banned me and I finally got unbanned after appealing earlier this month. Pretty much had to gear up from scratch since they said there wasn't any evidence even though I can screenshot the 40 other ips right now. Still love the game but it feels like they hate me.

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