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New player on Remington

By JohnBroadley1 - MEMBER - October 10, 2017, 18:02:23

Hey guys, my name is John, otherwise known as Bodge in-game.

I've recently started playing Wakfu with my girlfriend and a few guild-mates from Dofus. I carry some experience as well as knowing a lot of the storyline having both played Dofus for around 12 years, and watched all the Wakfu anime including the movies (that are on Netflix) thus far.

Despite all the experience I have, I'm still a huge noob... learning all the different stats and mechanics in this game has been... Interesting to say the least laugh - any advice on what the advantages of raising a stat such as distance mastery has vs. say the standard elemental mastery would be greatly appreciated!

So far I've made a Strength/Chance Enutrof, trying to make use of all the single target spells in the Enutrof arsenal has proved very strong, not to mention the Drhellzerker form! I'm also using a Cra and Sram with the Hero System, I don't know if this is a good team, or if there's certain classes that are needed for higher level content (such was the case on Dofus for a long time).

One of the questions that I've been wondering about for a while is - what's the situation with markets on Wakfu? Are they linked together? Or do I have to check markets in different regions to find the best price?

Hope to see you guys in-game! Feel free to send me a pm if you see me online cool!

Bonus Question: My girlfriend has made a Feca, so far when she's asked me where to spend her characteristic points, I've told her to raise elemental resistance and barrier, %block, lock etc. so that she can tank and lock enemies in place whilst the rest of our team deals the damage - is this a good build for a Feca? We both have the Hero Pack so can reset our characteristics on demand.

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Yea, just stack the mentioned stats. Get your resistance up and running, as well as lock and block. % Ap / Mp removal also partly helps ( is replaced by willpower next patch , but with a different name). Fecas have significant impact later on while lacking impact early in the game. Don't lose the passion for them though!

Only thing that is always a bit debatable is % armor. You can't heal armor back up while you can heal hp. 10 points in armor equal the same amount into % health, meaning that you basically transform part of your potential health into unhealable armor. It's handy when you farm many mobs as a dmg dealer solo, as you don't have to heal anyhting if they don't manage to break your armor, but for group content with a healer available, armor is clearly the worse choice, especially because feca can generate their own armor.

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However on a Ecaflip class I would think that the  % Armor would be useful even in a group setting despite their ability to be purely DD with support function.

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Check the builder, try your build with the points :

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Really appreciate the help guys!

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Method is an useful builder to start with and toy with.

The benefit for most classes on specializing in their respective secondary stats (on points), is that secondary stats give a higher amount of damage per point than Elemental damage. However, there are exceptions, like in every game, depending on the class you play. 

Here we do not use the Dofus terminology for the elements, rather, we use the element name instead (Water, Air, Earth, Fire, rather than Str, Int, Cha, Agi, which are stat point trees in here) 

Enutrof is a class with a rework pending very soon, so don't get attached too much to its playstyle yet. 

The strongest stat in the game is Resistance, so naturally, you will want to max that first on your Intelligence tree. Shield comes next, but it really depends in which class you play as: If you play a Summon or a %HP regeneration class, you may want to pick full HP instead.

For your girlfriend, Feca specializes fully in being a Tanky support, with an affinity for Anticipation, Resistances (even moreso than other classes), and Melee / Single target damage for their shields (specifically, Orb) 


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