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I started playing again after resting 2 years

By fruitbasketlv100 - MEMBER - July 21, 2017, 19:22:23

I decided to start playing again after resting for a long time but the Asia server was kind of dead so I moved to the international server which means starting with new character ,I have currently reached lvl 35 and I would like to know the current popular dungeon. It is very hard to find parties not like it used to be.

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How long will wakfu system maintence last.. and will it take any longer than it is now? sad

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You can put your name on the link of people looking for a group for a particular party. You can view the list of people you can invite by going to the dungeon and clicking the icon that pops up to the right. Note that the list doesn't update properly and sometimes everyone on that list is either offline or joined a group and what not.

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my lvl is 97 is also hard to find partys sleep

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