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Player Or No Player PvP Event (Canceled)

By Wika10101 - MEMBER - May 19, 2014, 18:44:23
Huzzah! Huzzah! I am Lucy of Ye Olde Kingdom! I am here to announce


LUCY PVP EVENT!!!!!!!!!!

Be prepared because this event is going to blow all of your minds, but this time : I , LUCY HEARTOFILIA, SHALL HOST IT!

In this event I will be much more organized and detailed and, as always, prizes will include :

  • Fun sets up to lvl100
  • Random equipment pieces of all sorts
  • Cash prizes for winners
  • Small money prizes for participants

In this event there will be several groups of different levels to make it all fair and to have the prizes ranged at suitable levels biggrin :

  • lvl0-lvl15 (For those funny and confused newbies) biggrin
  • lvl16-lvl30 (For starters to test their awesomeness out) biggrin
  • lvl31-lvl60 (More advanced people who want too see how good they've become)biggrin
  • lvl61-lvl80 (Experienced people who know what they're doing) biggrin
  • lvl81-lvl100 (Those questy times of experience and new island exploring) biggrin
  • lvl101-lvl120 (Harder-to-get level category) biggrin
  • lvl120+ (See just how good you actually are) biggrin

Note that I might put lvl145s, if there will be any, under a separate category wink . I might also make groups up to 3 people for fun against other groups smile smile smile .

I will allocate prizes according to levels and winners will get Cash Prizes according to the levels as well not to overflow you guys with money, not that anyone wouldn't want that wink .

This event's main location will be the same Central Astrub Market, but I will scatter it all around the whole of Astrub itself for more background and fun.

It might seem boring but it's better to get used to a usual event location than to run around crazy xD .

The date for this event will be Sunday, 1st June, 19:00 Server Time.

Anyone who wants to participate just come to Central Astrub Market (Again, DO check map) and ask me to join in! biggrin

Only rules include :

  • Not joining another battle randomly
  • Challenging and not aggroing
  • Knowing good English wink
  • Fighting fair wink

Post any comments below if anything need to be asked or stuff like that xD !

I hope you guys can join me and this fun event and have fun, get filled with joy and excitement and, of course, GET PRIZES!!!!!

As It Is And Filled With Awesomeness,
Lucy Heartofilia
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You know who's going to win that.

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Thank You all...

I'm in peace...
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Wika10101|2014-05-25 21:42:53
Lucy here,

I just wanted to say this to all of you out there.

Sorry but I am very annoyed that apart from a couple of good friends no one CARES about my effort to making fun events and going for governor to try new things and make things more fun.

No one ever even says thank you or come or do ANYTHING. I post my event and no one even cares. I write that it's CANCELLED and end up getting viral reads. Very nice.

Thanks to you all people...Inducing emotional pain for people is very nice.

Some people have mentioned they hate me and want me out and so well...YOU CAN HAVE IT! I'm through with being nice to everyone...If you don't want to appreciate me I won't appreciate YOU...

In tears,

Aww Lucy you know I care soo please don't leave, take a break but don't leave I loved ur events for the short time I met you, I know alot of friends who'd love to get to know you. Your an awesome person just hidden from many I'll stage u a welcome back event if u ever do come back okay? c:


PS: Even when i Became governor all I got was negative popularity, sure it hurts me but that didn't let me down it shouldn't let u! PLEASE MORE EVENTS FROM LUCY theee Adorable :3
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I understand it's upsetting that people don't notice or thank you /but/ may I just say that your events all seem pretty confusing at a basic glance. Why not try to do simple PvP events or something instead? And you're giving up after two events (well one since you weren't there for the start of this one so why would people show up?) so I dont really know what you expected?

Also not a lot of people use the forums so you won't get much attention anyway. I really hope this doesnt come across as mean but I think you're taking a few bad things as the end of the world...

- Arachi
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Goult going to win this huh
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As Arachi has mentioned, a lot of players don't frequent the forums, word of events need to get out by players actually spreading them in the game too.

I've seen Shinohara (ex Brak Gov) pushed for events she held which were successful, despite the fact that there was a chance that it wasn't going to bloom out, but her events did turn out great out of persistence. She didn't ask for a thank you, but at the end of the event, people who got involved are pretty satisfied and that showed results enough to be thankful for.

I've been Sufokia's ecologist for so long, fixing the nation's ecology every maintenance, when I can, when a bonus is broken. Then once in a while, some lowbies even piss me off, but heck I can't complain or demand some compensation for doing that. I'm only lucky that Hybrid gives me breaks

Being part of the government is purely voluntary, it's voluntary work which means you don't get paid anything for putting in a lot of effort except for the helmet only three other people in the game can wear, but you do it cause you want to, nobody owes you anything for doing your work as a government member, people will expect you anyways because you accepted the job and that's the deal.

It's the harsh truth but you can not expect and force everybody to care or even say thank you, not at least where there are people who don't even vote.

yeh, it's not the end of the world. have a good break. =p
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Lucy here,

I am on a break now but I am replying.

Thank you all, and I am sorry for my little outburst, I guess I just needed a break from emotional stress I'm undergoing in life. It's just that it seems to me that people were more interested when I typed "Cancelled" next to the event name rather than my normal event name. That's my opinion though smile .

You all are right, however, and thank you for your comments and support. I will try to make events which are very much fun in the future and will give longer dates to actually read and wait for it smile .

I am a nice and patient person, but I simply had a stressful past few weeks...

Lucy Heartofilia
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