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The Fourth Hunger Games 2014: Catching Isle

By LadyRinsun December 29, 2013, 15:52:44
Dear Amaknians,

Welcome to the organization of the Fourth Hunger Games! It was high time to have this event again. For those who are yet unfamiliar with the Hunger Games event, as the name says, this event is based mainly on the concept of the Hunger Games books and/or movies. The main idea of this event is simple and has proven very effective: Participants are dropped in a certain area and the way to win this event, is to stay alive. Since there can be only one winner, this means everyone will have to kill... well, everyone! Herefore, aggression is the means of attacking others.

Where will it be held this time? The Fourth Hunger Games 2014 will be held at the Amaknian Governor Island (or the 'new' Headquarters). Why here? It looks fancy! Okay the main reason is that it's just a really nice place for this event. When you read the rules (and read them or die) you'll find out why!

A recap on the rules:

Plainly stated, there aren't any! That is, concerning the fights - you're free to attack everyone you like in order to become the last person standing and claim victory! Does this mean that ganging is allowed? Yes! But... you can expect to be attacked by a mob when you're done killing someone else wink You're allowed to hide as well, and form teams secretly beforehand without anyone else knowing. Working together sneakily is allowed and even makes things fun.

It's not allowed to hide behind something people can't click or reach you. Hiding behind a tree is allowed though, but keep in mind there's people who'll be able to cut them! Aside from that you're allowed to run, flee, team up on the spot with strangers, ambush people, team up before the event starts... Let loose your skills to create the biggest chance of winning! This is why the Governor Island is such a nice place for this event. This place has a lot to offer concerning hiding and running away. Also, this island has several layers (up to three!) of height to stand on, so it will be hard or impossible sometimes to attack someone on a 'storage' below you, allowing this person to flee and get out of sight.

When you've killed someone (the one who deals the final blow), PM any of the organizers (Blantuise, Rayne, Sisma, Hyr) who will note down your victory. Aside from this, the organizers will run around to spectate the fights to be sure about the winners and losers of a fight. Organizers will wear a special Costume, Spectral Costume, to show they're no part of the game.

Watch out, disqualification will follow if you:

- Wear the same Costume as the organizers
- Attack an organizer
- Joining a fight when you're not registered (the fight will become a rematch)
- Trashtalk or be rude or disrespectful towards your opponents, teammates, spectators or organizers
- Hide inside your Haven Bag
- Enter the Safe Zones (see latest post for screenshots)
- Attack someone in the Safe Zones
- Re-joining after dying (there will be guards at the boat, the prison, the cannon and the door to the inner HQ for Government members (yeah you're all sneaky I know what you're up to! e-e) *cough*

As a side note, there's a broken/bugged tile somewhere on the Island, disabling you to go to certain parts quickly via this cell. We posted a clear screenshot of this tile in a post below. If you happen to lose because of this broken tile, this will be considered as a defeat and you're out of the game.

Some logistical information:

When? This Friday, 3rd of January 2014. Exact time will follow soon.
Where? Amaknian Governor Island
How to sign up? Just leave a message here stating you want to join, or let us know in-game
Entry fee? There is none! It's free to join and everyone from every nation and level is welcome!
Prize? Kamas, probably. The exact amount will be known as soon as we've figured out who's willing to donate some for this event (everyone's free to help with that btw wink)

Just want to spectate the event? You're more than welcome! Just be sure to wear an Adventurer Hat so everyone knows you're a spectator.

Well, that was about it for now. This post will probably be updated from time to time with adjustments/additional information. Feel free to leave a reply.

Happy hunting and may the Meridia be ever in your favor at the Fourth Hunger Games 2014: Catching Isle! (Suggestions for a better name are welcome rotfl).

-Xx Rayne, Governor of Amakna 
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not gonna miss this one, check xor in c:
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Avery is in! Gonna be epic! biggrinD
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Oi oi

I will try to find the event for me the later on Friday the better from 19:00 gmt +0 onwards please.

For names I was thinking:
Amassacre as in Amakna-massacre
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It would be great if the event could start on the 1/1/2014 :x
Otherwise I am unable to join sad

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To all who signed up here so far, welcome ^^

@Jerry: I'm afraid I can't organize it at that time. I live at GMT + 1 and the previous time, this event lasted for almost four hours. Due to circumstances I won't be able to be online until that late. It will probably be held somewhere in the morning/afternoon, around 12 'o clock Wakfu time. Also, 'Amassacre' sounds pretty cool. This should be combined with the title of the second movie 'Catching Fire' somehow o.o

@Degree: I'm sorry Degree! At New Year's Day, I'm afraid I can't guarantee any brain cell activity from my side. It will probably be unpractical for many people because of New Year's Eve/New Year's Day at 1st of January.

About the prize money, I'm hoping to get a 'starting' amount of around 100kk for the winner. Why do I call this a 'starting' amount? Because the amount may grow depending on the funds. Please note that it, therefore, may be less than 100kk as well. I will throw in half of this amount (50kk) myself (sorry, can't offer much more as I've got some sort of curse that causes me to be forever broke) and I'm currently looking for sponsors to reach 100kk. Of course, it would be super awesome if we could even surpass that amount, but let's not talk ahead of things. Anywayas, donations are welcome! smile

-Xx Rayne
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Good thing you finally decided to do it, Ray. I'm not going to participate, but maybe will going to see the thing if not busy.
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Glad you like it Poet! biggrin I hope you'll be able to spectate ^^

About spectating, everyone who's been killed during the event is of course more than welcome to come back and spectate. Please note that spectators will have to wear a certain Costume so participants will know you're not part of the game anymore and won't attack you.

The time for the event is known, and it will be held at 13:00 Wakfu server time (GMT + 1). Be sure to join and bring as many friends/guildies with you as possible!

-Xx Rayne
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PyRosTears|2013-12-31 14:37:08
It would be great if the event could start on the 1/1/2014 :x
Otherwise I am unable to join sad

Don't worry bro, you would be killed as first anyhow so don't be sad XD
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Tolli here, sounds funky, count me in.
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Heya! An update on the event's rules and stuff. Here's the screenshots of the Safe Zones - the areas you're not allowed to enter because everyone will trample my statue because it's impossible to attack someone there. Entering the Safe Zones will lead to instant disqualification. There will be organizers who will guard the edges of these areas.

On each picture, from the red line on, the Safe Zone starts and it's against the rules to walk on tiles in that area.

Here they come!

You are not allowed to use the Cannon or to be on the tiles adjacent to the cannon (the ones I'm standing on).

That's it for the Safe Zones - and now for the bugged tile at the upper left corner of this island:

As a reminder, contrary to the eerie text on the picture above, this tile doesn't eat you or anything. It just doesn't work. So if you click it, nothing happens, leaving you vulnerable to your ninja opponents! You won't be able to reach the other end by clicking beyond that tile either. This doesn't work from either side. Defeat will be defeat, even if it's because of this tile. So keep this one in mind so it won't cause you any problems smile

Aside from this, you are not allowed to enter/use:

- The boat (leaving & arriving will be checked for, so it prevents cheating by teleporting)
- Jail
- The throne 'room' (apparantly with no budget to build separate walls for it, hmm... something's not right here xD)
- The door to the Council Hall (only applicable to Government members)
- The cannon

Unrelated but also as an addition to the rules: Just like last time, it is allowed to use consumables! Yay!

Well, I believe that was it for now! Seeya tomorrow!

-Xx Rayne
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Greetings! Not afraid to say this is by far the best event I had the honor to participate, and I'm glad its gonna take place again. A bit sad though as my work hours prevent me to participate... Why not in the weekend!... QQ

As a former champion I wish good luck to all participants and may Lady Luck be forever in your favor!
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Starting in a few minutes! Come to the Island everyone. There's a boat at Crusty Road headed this way.

Sorry for all the hard workers that cannot come. Rayne and I still have our xmas holiday, so no studying 'till monday. But it certainly won't be the last hunger games event, even if Rayne won't run for governor any mandate soon.
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The Hunger Games have come to an end! It was as epic as ever - with a lot of bloodshed and betrayal. As promised, the screenshots I made during the event so everyone can have a look at your fellow players bloodlust-side!

First of all, as always, the gathering. It already started cozy. So much love *cough*

Fortuna Major and other guilds entering da house!

The countdown has begun! Time to hide or plan an ambush and then it's waiting for what will happen...

And the first real fight started! Why do I call this a 'real' fight? Kinda because the first fight was between participants and a poor spectating victim dressed up as a Bow Meow, who got ganged. Collateral damage. Poor Ohmix got caught in the fire!

More fights in the meantime...

And even Koromy's dark side reveals itself! She left everyone flabbergasted and shocked at her expression of love towards her enemies.

The huge clusterflerg. People fighting, Gomorrah hiding in the shadows... What could they be planning?

In the meantime...

After many fights, blood, sweat and tears, the final battle between Joghy and Scheletraccio, both from the same guild!

And we have a winner!

Congratulations Joghy (aka Reavers) for winning the fourth Hunger Games!

Thanks a lot to everyone joining this event! It was a lot of fun again and I really enjoyed it. I hope you all enjoyed it too. I also want to thank the people who helped me organize this event: Blantuise, Hyr (Challenger), Koromy, Deathlystorm (Army General), Sillie, Unix (Vice Governor) and Arachi (Ecologist), and the people sponsoring the price money with me: Blantuise, Vula, Deathlystorm, Ahobaka and Tallow.

Thanks everyone for this amazing event! Until next time!

-Xx Rayne, Governor of Amakna 
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