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Little PvP Tournament

By FlamingBagel - MEMBER - September 25, 2013, 20:14:21

The Little PvP tournament is a PvP tournament focused at all players, it will mean that experts and beginners can come together for a tournament which isn't overruled massively by levels and gear. The reason for this is that the level cap per player in a team is 30.


Minimum/Maximum members of a team : 3
Minimum/Maximum level of each player : 30
None of the same classes in the same team (eg: 2 Iops are not allowed in one team)
5000 Kama entry fee per team


As for Place and Time, the time has yet to be decidede (Until we get 8 teams), and the place is Crusty Road in Amakna


None currently

More Info

For more info/too add your team to the list either post on this topic or PM Leafybagel or Rayne
(Prize money depends on the amount of teams that enter)

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I might join if I can ^^
Cool idea to have something for the lower people too. Everyone can attend this! smile 
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Such a great idea Leafy! smile Finally a PvP tournament all level players can join! Ohh I can't decide what class I'll make for this... oh well, at least we already have an awesome team name!

Join this event everyone, it's bound to be lots of fun!

-Xx Rayne
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So far no one has successfully run a pvp for the lower levels for the simple reason people do not stay a low level for very long. With that in mind I strongly suggest to focus your in-game advertising in astrub as I think it could be very hard to find anyone outside astrub who is level 30 AND level 30 by the time you do the event.

5,000 kamas per team seems a little steep for a team of level 30 players.

I would also like to correct Blant and Rayne this event is for players who are or have level 30 characters which is not for everyone (95% of the server are above level 30) as I thought the OP was pretty clear.

Also the chances are barely anyone will sign up/read this topic so in-game is where is it at.
On the day of the event chances are no one will have signed up for the event this is fine and normal then everyone will hopefully turn up.

If you would like any help/advice on running an event please just ask its JerryDB.
Rayne has also run some very successful events also.
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I believe the idea was for participants to make new characters and train them 'till the required level and then participate. Characters can be level 20 in very little time, so its for everyone, no matter if they're level 60 or 140. They can just make a new char, train it to 20, leave it at 20 and participate this event. I think that's how it was supposed to be -- getting rid of the level, wealth and pro-equipment barrier so that everyone can participate on equal level.

At least, thats how we talked about it in the guild, but I understand your confusion. It's not all too clear in this post indeed.
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Blantuise is right here, it would made so that higher level people who do want to play would make new characters, but also meaning that peolpe who are yet to reach level 30 can still play, Also i didn't really expect many people to even want to do it, i was just checking to see if anyone did actually want to (Hence the date not being decided)
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