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3vs3 Pvp Event in Sufokia! next Saturday 09/28 [updated]

By Darkazis September 18, 2013, 15:50:31
~~Hello Sufokians, Brakmarians, Bontarians and Amakneans!~~
We the Sufokian Govern are here to Announce!

-Everyone is Welcome to our First pvp event, that will be free signup, and will happen Saturday in Sufokia!
Follow the Informations bellow!

The Event!
  • What? Its will be an 3 vs 3 Pvp event!
  • When? Our event will occur on this Sunday 09/28/2013Time: At 18:00 Hours (server time)
  • Location:Gutted Plaza in Sufokia smile

  • Signup: Thats will be Free!!!
Who can participe? everyone! actually we got 2 categories:
one for Lvl 100+ and one for Lvl 100-

Price: Its Free!but we need to know who will participate,Than, you can make an post with your:"Team Name:
Team Leader:
fell free to message Siza/Hybridgear/Topru/zenmaister
[align=center]The Rules
  • Only 2 repeat class In team
  • No Aggroes during the event
  • Buff Food is not allowed in the Event
The Prizes
  • Lvl 100+ Category 111kk!
  • Lvl 0-100! Category 57k
~The prizes will be delivered to TeamLeader, split as you want!

Announce in Pt- Todo mundo é Bem vindo ao nosso Primeiro evento pvp, as incrições serão gratuitas, e o evento ira acontecer neste SabAdo! em Sufokia!-
Good Luck to Every one! Boa sorte wink
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