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Supermasive Guild-War Preview

By pierre911 - MEMBER - August 29, 2013, 17:52:29
Hello every one i really think about this idea since a long time so i finnaly create this topic to speak wis guild masters from old or new guild.

My idea as the title say's was to create a PvP event between Guilds,
I was thinking about make PvP turnament by team of 3 or 4 player from the same guild,
Wis a maximum of 2 team from the same guild for equality between small and big Guild.

I am aware of the fact that the Big Guild have many members who would like to participate so i also imagine elemination phase inside the guild.

For the reward i can already say's there will be Kama , Emote's , Stuff and maybe other thing's ! i count on the help of GM to create something atractive to gain a maximum of participant !

As i said in the begining of the topic this is a new idea and sadly wis my limited lvl in English i'm not really able to explain completly my idea but i hope i'll have support of Guilds and player to see this "Dream" come true.

Monkid Gitaro.

And see you ingame !
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Sounds like a fun plan smile 
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Hey Monk

Like all events you need to set a date then just get as many people to turn up.
I have posted possible event ideas and thats how they stay, people like a date.

If you could decide on the exact numbers that would help such as well as in 2 vs 2.
I think for the first event limiting all guilds to one team would be more than fair as even though a guild may has 10 UB's teams getting more than 1 team to turn up to an event is hard work.

Also limiting the numbers makes for a better event as too many people will make the event last a while Nanner's 3vs3 pvp event had 7/8 teams and lasted 3 hours. I will also add there was not much waiting around either it pretty much was straight fights.

The closest thing Remington has to a Games Master is myself so of course I will help you anyway that I can.

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thx all for your answer,

as jerry said and i thanks him for his help we'll do some change:

.1 team per guild
.3 player per party
.10 guild places

For the reward i can now say it will be 200.000 kama or more who noes (contribution of other guild would be kind )

.For the date of the event now i think it will be next weak not before , a Saturday or Sunday .

i'm open to all critique so please tell me what you think =)

Monkid gitaro.

See you ingame wink
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Pick a date and do it!.

Please message me on this forum directly if you want to go ahead with this event and want my help.
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