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Event war Sufokia - Amakna - 21 August

By HD-nyan August 20, 2013, 23:24:19
Edit: canceled due circumstances.
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Oh dear, please not a two day war event.... At least make it just two hours!

Two days is way too long. Too much unconvenience. Will not be able to group with my Guildies and all.

Please do not continue with this event for this long.
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I am glad to hear your feedback Senka: I arranged with Laciel that it will be just one day, so like. Now. Have fun!
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Thank you so much.

I think I can survive through one day.
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Okay, just as shortly as this topic was created, it's also ending, since the event is blown off due to circumstances.
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hey there, I'm not active at all when it comes to forums. In fact, I'm purely an anti-social and an introvert And by some funny chance, I ended up as Gov of Sufokia. I'm not very good with formalities either, anyways its high time for me to show up and I'm here to apologize in behalf of what my Vice has caused on an impulse.

The reason being was that I told them to keep me out of it for simply that I do not like wars, but holding a short-length one would not hurt to give other players a chance to earn their Guard/Soldier titles. However, as I did not expect, things got out of hand, as my vice waged war with Bonta which wasn't planned.

I apologize to Toriya-san (gov of Amakna) for the gloomy results;; and to Arachi (gov of Bonta) for the mess we caused. Since we're letting Bonta take back the islands, the war will end after a day. I've been told by a lot that I cannot trust my vice and I need to replace him, tho that is true, I'm currently talking with him and seeing out how this goes. Tho feel free to murder him if you feel like it.

Sorry for the conflict and confusion sparked from this event. Despite the unfortunate series of events, I hope that some people will still be able to get their ranks from this. We all learn lessons in the end.

Happily resuming to planting flowers all over Sufu and Brak.
Take care and have fun.

- Laciel
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Hi everyone,

I am the current Vice-Governor of Sufokia (Girly), and I am the only responsible of our current war with Bonta. Laciel did not interfere at all, so please let me take all the blame. We wanted people to earn two achievements which are way easier to get during wars. Now, you might ask...

Wait, Girly, where's the problem? You had a war with Amakna planned, but Bonta!?
Well, it's simple and can be explained with just two main reasons:
  1. Amakna lacked conquerable territories.
  2. I am stupid enough to declare a war without proper planning.
I am very sorry for the inconveniences (this goes specially to Laciel and Arachi, though including every single citizen that was affected by the war). Hope you'll forget it soon, as this should be over tomorrow.

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Its okai Girly, I will take the blame. I was at fault for lacking supervision anyways. I guess I just made a mistake on trusting you too much. If that meant you learned your lesson anyways, I dont mind taking the fall for it. So no more of that impulsive wars, not even when you get a second chance on being part of gov next time, okai? ;;;;

-Sweat drops-
- Laci
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To be honest, I do not think anyone really cares who the person to blame is - however noble of both of you that you are both willing to take the blame - but yeah, the message here: plan your events well, and more importantly: plan your war events very well.
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