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4 v 4 PvP Tournament (August 11-12)

By Nanaers August 05, 2013, 19:13:24
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JerryDB|2013-08-08 15:50:32
As the person who has run the most amount if events ever, it is common practice for the vast majority not to bother using the forums and just turn up to join the event.

It is also common practice for the vast majority to turn up 30 minutes to and hour late.

I would suggest turning up regardless of how much or little interest there is on this post on the forum.
Ive contacted like 30 people personally and now I think I really appreciate what you do.

Hosting an event is hard :l i have to constantly remind people to sign up and as you can see most of them still haven't...

I just want to get atleast 8 teams to arrive or this event is a no-go :/
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I love PvP events! Firstly, I'm sad out of 30 players you didn't contact your best friend =(

Second, I didn't know about this one... Maybe a call in the "General Discussion"? Events are not that popular and most of ppl don't check this section often... (me)

Third, I need to form a team ~~
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Well your best friend did contact you tongue.
If more people use the event section people will learn how to use or better yet use the ALL TOPIC options.

Yes Nanners I have been spamming my friend list.

In-game is where the massive amount of time goes on preparing for an event, I mostly spam guild leader and if possible try to get them to change their guild message for a few days or so.

I will try to film and attend both days but I may be out on Sunday , I will try though and try to find a replacement as well.
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I don't have a team, but i could be a substitute if someone needs me, you can see my characters on the left.

The xelor is Omni, lukily they are very nice after the revamp, use this if you want ap, revives , damage and map control.

The saddida is full support, i will be very useful if combined with a fire rogue or perhaps someone tanky.

The Ecaflip is kinda low level, but is super luck based, (and i'm pretty lucky with him) choose this if you want to gamble between 0 and 5000 damage a turn :3
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ok. SU try to be there with two teams =\ ( unless of course will have free time)

Pls hlep me with transfer time: 17:00 server time = 17:00 GMT ?
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Server time is +2 hours
So 3pm server time is 1pm gmt time, etc.
I would love to make it, but the second round is too late for me u_u
Cant say the same for the rest of the guild ~
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Soundtrack8|2013-08-09 09:29:50
Server time is +2 hours
So 3pm server time is 1pm gmt time, etc.
I would love to make it, but the second round is too late for me u_u
Cant say the same for the rest of the guild ~
I can try and make the second rount earlier... ill get back to you on it.
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thnx soundtrack 
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Hey, just a quick update that the tournament is still a go. It's going to be at 17:00 Server time and make sure to come along even if you don't have a team smile
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Score : 6161
Thank you Jerrydb for the bump, the tournament was a great success. Because the fights were alot faster then expected we did all 7 fights today.

Thank you for everybody to participated and congratulations to Synergy for beating Noname (La guilde) in the finals and taking home 777,777 Kamas!

Here are some screenshots, enjoy! Also added some nice edits smile

Pre Tournament, Representin Inside.

The final fight, Noname (La guilde) VS Synergy

Andddd Synergy Won!!!!!

Thank you to all the teams and everybody else who supported the teams, most importantly thank you Jerrydb for filming and helping me organize the event =)
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Awesome event Nanners!
Glad you made us join tongue

Look at him^

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Wow, amazing event, Nanners! Thanks a lot for organizing it!!

Erathius and Scorpy, thank you so much for teaming up with me and pursuading to join this freaking event after all. You too, for the latter, Nanners. wink

Great fights, had a lot of fun, thanks to all the teams that participated! biggrin

~ Karah
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Great Successful Event!! hoping to see more of these in the future!! and soon after eni revamp too!!

MVP : Scorpy

Congratulations again Team Synergy!!
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Good event, thnx Nanner. Grace Scorpy!

It gets harder and harder to win with tactical tricks. And as shown tournament and sometimes it's impossible.))
At now we know that we need better equip.. Yah magmot ruled

Renne ( the fattest tank of Remmington) from Soviet kokosup with lovewub

p.s. and yah... i do critical mistake when transported Vatrushka to your team =\
Score : 15409
Nanners can I get some kamas before I editing the video its 2 hours 45 minutes long?
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