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Remington Events have your say!

By JerryDB - MEMBER - July 11, 2013, 16:43:09
I will start with the intention of this topic. To gain the views of players of the Remington server as for need or want of player run events. If so what kind of events they would like to see more of. Please feel free to say as much or as little as you like. Sorry for the length of this post.

Here some background:-

I started running events back July 2012 I have now run over 60 events. Countless hours go into the planning the largest being two entire weeks farming bronze tokens for a Halloween event the event lasted 2 hours. The longest event held within a single day was 14 hour nun dungeon event where I kept dungeon open this was when the door could be opened for the whole server. I almost forgot whilst I was governor of Bonta I held more than 5 hours worth of events every single day for 2 weeks. Also I try to help everyone else with running of an event or at the very minimum partial film them.

My reasons for running events where:-
  • To give players unique content and gaming experience
  • To expand and entertain Remingtons player base
  • To build a community as I am still good friends with people from when I ran those first events
  • To make a name for myself and network especially with guild leaders
  • I also like being in charge, organising and even preparing
  • I especially enjoy being enjoyment to others (having fun in general)

What I would like from you:-
Do you want to see more player run events on the Remington server? Yes/No

What kind of events would you like to see more of?
PvP event such as Awiti's pvp tourament? video link here
Non-combat events such as my maximum level party & luck of the irish? video link here
Dungeon events such as my crow dungeon event? video link here
Role-play events such as Misfits Season's Treasure hunt? picture link here

I would also like to hear from people that have never been to any player run events, why didn't you go? it is because you only found out after the event had been and gone? the event sounded boring or no one explained it properly? you was already in the middle of a dungeon?.

As I have been telling everyone for ages I am always up for events ideas. You bring the idea and I will try to bring the people the golden rule being to keep the event as simple as possible.

Please feel free to say as much or as little as you like. If you wanted to help everyone out I clearly understand not everyone reads the forums so you could bring up the topic with your guilds and see what they say then report back.
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Hey Jerry!

I like event, generally. I stood at the root of some nation and worldwide events like 3 Hunger Games (with Rayne), 2 Horde & Seek Events, 1 Kelbattlefield (with you) and some guild events. I am currently very busy trying to finish my bachelor, but when that's done I'll try to host some more events again (maybe even return to the government if Rayne will let me).

I think you are doing a great job in those events, even if I'm not always there. Often, I simply miss them or am doing other stuff. Other times I don't really care about some events that I find less interesting. Overall it's real good to have player run events, and I think more Challengers should see it as a priority to come up with one and run one. It's good for bonding within your nation, and players find it fun. Even if you can only make the game a bit more fun for 10 players, that should be worth it, right?

All with all, Yes i would love to see more events run on the Remington server.

An event I would really like to see done in the future is a somewhat extended role play event, where your Wakfu character won't be a tool of the player but should actually come with a small history and own characteristics.I remember Misfits event, but I wasn't there. The information I got (from the forum topic you linked) was too unclear for me, so at the time I didn't really know what to expect thus skipped it. I think a RP event should have a strong basis and explanation before the event start. During the event I'd like only IC chat and perhaps OoC in PM. I have no idea how it should work out, but once I'm done with my thesis I may try and organise one myself.
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I'll start of with answering your questions and then explaining why.

Do you want to see more events on the Remington Server?


First of let me be clear that I love events and I have enjoyed attending numerous events run by you. But, I think that events are meant to be done on a more special, rare occasion. To generate alot of excitment, for example. As much as I do not agree with Rayne's politics, I admire how successful her hunger games events have been. Even without an insane prize, theres always a ton of players participating.

Sure, the awesome idea probably has something to do with it wink, but by having these events very occasionally it adds alot of value to it.

You can get evidence for this even from irl things like The Olympics, E3, Keynote, Comic Con, etc.

If these things were run every other week, alot less people would actually care and the quality of these events would be far lower.

Im going to clarify here again that I think your events are done very well, I just think that by having them more occasionally you might have a higher participation count.

Which kind of events would you like to see more often?


I love smashing stuff.
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I agree with that. It shouldn't be overdone... Events shouldn't be done weekly, 1 event per 2 weeks or something would create some extra excitement arround them, especially if they're something different every time.

By organisation of events I think it's important to try and think up events accesible for all levels as well... doesn't have to be every time, but they should be for everyone when possible.

Btw, did mods move this topic and forgot to read your last sentence, Jerry? tongue 
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Much fun was had during your events Jerry, specially the Nun dungeon events (raeping nunz is always fun tongue)

I think that there should be more events, but as the previous gentlemen stated, overdoing it would have a negative impact.
One event per month should be fair, people would have something to look forward to every month, like Wakfu updates nowadays.

Here's an idea of how things could work:
- First week: Start a one week duration poll on the first day of the month on what kind of event should be made that month, with details for each event.
- Second week: Preparations for the most voted event are started, and a date for its realization is decided - I recommend sometime near the end of the month, to give enough time to organize it.
- Event time: People show up as scheduled, much fun is had.
- ???

The event can be organized by Jerry himself, or by the person who suggested it, or whatever, however you'd like it to happen.

Also, more dungeon events please!
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I like Events they make the game more interesting.
I agree that to much is bad. but i think that a good Teamwork of the people who run the
event will improve the Timing and let more people atendwink

So thanks for the Events everybody keep up the awsome work^^
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Why not do some high level dungeon events? i know getting the keys for them is hard so why not include that part in the event?

I want ambassador dungeon and snowfaux. Also, since its so hard you could have prizes for those who make it biggrin 
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I absolutely love the events that have been =) "been to as much of jerry's/raynes as I could" I also think events should be BIG and not like everyday happenings^^

Thing's that I loved were the lvl party's which made you feel special at max lvl and actually gave me another reason to get that extra 1 lvl a bit faster!! =) and ofc the Dungeon events (which were great for me when I was a lower lvl player) it gave so much oppertunity to get to know people who logged on in special for those events that otherwise I might not have met ingame^^

- Not too often (mayb 1nce a month orso)
- Big event with a nice prize (chipped in by all who attend)
- and basicly just a couple of hour of fun with random stuff^^ which is made special by the people who join in biggrin
- Re-occuring events like every other month for "the main event" if there is going to be any so that every 2 months you have something new, and something you know you like^^

thats my 2ct =)
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