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Mass Polar Crackler XP/loot!!

By Senka July 05, 2013, 12:09:10
Hello everyone!!

Two days ago, Synergy got the Haven World at Sufokia Headquarters!

Now, as most of you probably know, the breeding rate of monsters was bugged. We planted a couple of frigost mobs and all of a sudden, they were all over the place.

Now the breeding rate got fixed by Ankama, but the dev team refuses to help us clean up the mobs that are here.

In short: The Sufokia Headquarters Haven World is Polar Crackler Paradise now!!

Please everyone, feel free to get an XP or loot group together and get all our Polar Cracklers.

We have better mobs than Frigost!!

Hope to see you all soon! smile

~ Karah
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And when you are done with cleaning Synergy's Haven World from Polar Cracklers... fear not! Just move your lovely behinds to the haven world of Signature in the Amakna Headquarter to resume your hunt of the icey cracklers.

We have better mobs than Frigost!!
Headquarters > Frigost!

The one who delivers the final blow to the final crackler will get a hug from a Signature player of your choice!
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We got em under control now.

Massive thanks to those who helped wink

Peace out,
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