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Your Funny Panda Names

By RaVeN-Fifteen - MEMBER - September 23, 2012, 21:57:14
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Due to one of Pandawa's haircuts looking very similar to a racoon, I named mine Razcoon. tongue 
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i got 2 pandas and both in Malay Language ^^:

Water Panda:
- Susu Cair
- Meaning:
vaporated Milk

Earth Panda:
- Susu Pekat
- Meaning:
ondensed Milk
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Mine is Bo Rai Cho.

Its a drunken fist master from Mortal Kombat game.

The joke is that "Bo Rai Cho" looks like a chineese name, while Boracho means drunk in spanish.
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Out of the fridge, and into the FRYINGPAN-DA!
GET PANDA'D! For my panda tank tongue.
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my I did today 26/07/2013 is called "" yansamurai ""
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I do not have a panda, but 'Beer with me'
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Sir Drinkalot
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A water panda named Sum Yung Gai so when you stack dizzy you're hitting them with cream from sum Yung gai
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My pandawa's name is Brother Bear biggrin 
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Not a funny name but I named my Panda Ayre

Ayre is pronounced (air) for the irony of pandas not able to go pure air.
It's the same concept as my earth cra being named Skai after the word "Sky" and my air sram being named Reine after the word "Rain".
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If I had a panda it would be Ser Pounce-a-lot
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i had one named drunken sage
Score : 47
Vino Veritas (the true behind a Panda......XD)
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Pretty new to Wakfu and just made a Panda called Milk On The Rocks
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I wanted to name it young pandawan, but it was forbidden apparently. So named him suiken panda (suiken=drunken fist)
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just look at my panda and fear me
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Once had a female Pandawa named Mei de Prac. Get it? tongue 
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