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Your Funny Panda Names

By RaVeN-Fifteen - MEMBER - September 23, 2012, 21:57:14
I'll start. My Panda's Name is Pam Panderson! XD
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I had one named pandapult a while back
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In closed beta my Panda's name was Bruce Lee-Roy, but someone took it at launch. now he is called Sidhartha
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Miyamoto-Musashi; not really funny but it is martial art-related.
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my lame pandawas name is Lie Lien Rou-jian
Score : 4454
I named mine Pubstar.
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Drunk and Smexy smile 
Score : 241
Bamboozled Drunkardhappy
Score : 402
In the spirit of some of the class names I made my panda named: knurd (drunk backwards)
Score : 87
Jack Pandails, got if from the show
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Mines is Miilk Tea, was gonna be PanCakes biggrin!
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I don't play a panda, but if I did, it would be named "Queen Latifah"
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My pandas name is Purebeers cause thats what i feel like my panda is doing all the time drinking beers during the fights.
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My panda's name is Pandava due to the fact that I'm called Ava in-game.
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My Panda's name is TitMilk, and yes shes water loltongue
Score : 55
Not mine but I saw a panda named "Booze Clues"
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I had a Earth Panda in beta called Tavish Bei Fong.
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fresh breath
Score : 206
mines Lushious. yes she is a lush.
Score : 45
Underwear in japanese, Pandsu (Game wouldn't let me name him Pandtsu)
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