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The Pondering Panda (What to do with my 145 stat points)

By jgtogi - MEMBER - March 29, 2012, 06:05:07

I am a low-level (level30) earth panda with 145 unspent points because of the reset. Right now with Gobball gear, I have 7 AP and 3 MP. I figure I could do one of three things with it.

1) Put all those points into an AP when I level.

2) Buy a MP point and put the rest into str, str/hp or wisdom

3) Put all the points into wisdom, which should be around 50wisdom points by the next level.

I figured wisdom might be a good choice especially if we keep getting respecs every so often. Most of dps comes from weapons and skill level a and without my old stat bonuses which I went a 2 str 1 hp split every level I am only doing 25% less damage and health 25% less health. Yet the bonus for wisdom would make me level 50% faster. Getting another AP might be nice as well but I would not be able to an extra barrel bash since I lacked 4 movement and don't have enough AP to do a triple triple whammy. It still would allow me to get another attack off per round in certain situations. Movement seems interesting as well since it offers more mobility and I can barrel bash more often at the start.

What do you people think is the best option?

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I recommend the extra ap. I think 10 base ap is an awesome goal for an earth panda, and the extra ap is defiantly nice in terms of achieving that. If you'd rather go for an 8 ap build, str is where it's at. Or if you really like lactic acid, you could go for an extra range. Personally think extra hp is a waste on most builds, earth pandas included. I also don't recommend a movement point, as a panda I have never had any trouble moving around with barrelhop, blisskrieg, and +mp from merry at my disposal

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Thanks for the advice.

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With the buff to Merry State its easy to get extra AP/MP right now after several turns of combat.

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