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Soooo question about them water pandas...

By Warkitteh - MEMBER - March 29, 2012, 01:16:53

I was just curious as to if anyone knew exactly what spell I should be using or if I should be using all my spells based on situation. (I mean your spells you learn by levelling up the others, not the speciality skills.)

Also, if anyone knew what speciality spells you level as a water panda and could describe as to why, that'd be sweet. biggrin

I'll check back on this thread periodically to see any replies if I get any and if anyone else has questions they want to ask about water pandas it'd probably help me out as well so go ahead and ask! smile

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Hey-o! looks like I'm the first to reply here! Congrats to me! Lol! biggrin I'm sadly not a big Panda fan so I wouldn't know. I really don't like the class at all. I'd say the female has a rank 5 / 10 on the cutness scale and I truly dislike thier battle powers. I'm not so sure I'll ever play this class again. So sorry I couldn't help ya'll! sad 

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If you have nothing to say, why replay?
I too have just start a water panda and Iv mainly been using the last two water powers. mainly because they have the most range/aoe. The second and third water powers seem pointless. There like weaker vers of the 4th power.

I really need to learn there names. The first water power is cheap enough to use it to keep the dizzy effect going while letting you have some ap left over for a fire power.

I havent figured out a very effect way to make the NPCs stay in range of the barrel. I thought maybe throwing it into a crowed would be good, but then all the water powers require LoS, and a max level throw and a max level ether still cost too much AP for that to be very useful.

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Yeah I've just played a bit as a water panda and i was using the last two more than anything. And sorry to ask a slightly different question, but how do you other water panda players use this build? do you go up close and keep the mobs next to you and use the barrel or what?

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I use the last three skills. Bubble Trouble, Milk Wave and Milk Fountain. Those being the last three spells.

Milk Fountain is obvious. It has the best damage/AP ratio and is the only spell in the tree that stacks more Dizzy than it costs in AP. It also has the highest range, the most utility when cast on the barrel and is the only spell with AoE without being cast on the barrel.

Milk Wave has an OK damage ratio, the second highest range and has the largest AoE in the tree. It pales in comparison to Milk Fountain, but it's potential AoE keeps it useful and there are occasionally times when you can't use Milk Fountain without hitting an ally.

Bubble Trouble is more a matter of taste. It doesn't have the best damage or AoE, though it's OK for both. I wanted a lower AP spell to fit into a combo later when I have the AP available to do so, and I think it's superior to Milky Breath, in spite of the slightly lower damage ratio, because of the higher range and because Milky Breath has no interaction with your Barrel. With a 9 AP set you can combo it with either Fountain or Wave depending on what suits the situation, and be slightly resistant to AP loss given that you still have a functioning combo at 8AP.

Splash of milk just seems useless. It's damage and range aren't great and it doesn't have a useful AoE with the barrel as you'd almost always be better off using Milk Fountain. The only reason I could see using this spell is if you were planning on using it in to combo with Milk Fountain in a 9AP set, but then it's still only marginally better than Fountain/Bubble Trouble and still has a worse AoE.

Milky Breath is a solid spell and the other reasonable option for a third ability. You'd be able to make do with a 7-8AP set and still get a 2 spell combo in, and it has a slightly better damage ratio than Bubble. It's not my cup of tea since it's range is even more restrictive than Bubble and it has no AoE potential, but it still 2nd highest damage ratio in the tree and fits more easily into a combo.

I'm still of the opinion that all the water tree, excluding Fountain, needs a small buff. Dizzy is nice utility, and having all your spells be 1-x range is very nice. But the damage is still just a little bit too low, and some of the spells really serve no purpose (Splash of Milk.)

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