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Fire panda questions.

By MainEvil January 14, 2013, 01:48:20
Guys my english not realy well... so from start im must say sry for that.

Im got some questions about fire panda... because im can't realy understand some things.

First of all im use Bamboozle like main Dizzy ability and + its make Marry state(+dmg and etc). So what im must to do then im got all my 6 WakFu poits empty?? Im got this crazy debuffs. Some fights realy do so long... and i just cant win it cause of this debuff...

Second question. Its possible to play without water spells?? Im mean is it enoth Dizzy from Bamboozle?

Third one... What about WakFu poits? Only Eniripsa debuff can restore some of them? ( im mean Eni can do debuff at enemy and if i kill it i got 50% or somthing like that of W points) Any chance to restore or increase then other way??

Four one... What about Skill points build... what to lvl up first?? ( im think Bamboozle till lvl 7 then it cost 1 AP... but still wana hear some advice).

Five one... What about spell combo to use??? Right now im using Dairy Springer+LIght My fire

Also wana hear some advise from good fire pandas...and maybe fire+water hibrids.... even idk what style to chose and what are more effective.
Maybe water build can be more effective and how it in solo ?
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In this game you get the nice exp even when you use spells from two elements. You can use fire spells AND water spells in the same fight and your spells will level quickly as well. Simply choose your favourite Water Spell and use it to Merry/Dizzy everything around you and light them on fire. This combo tho needs more AP and MP so you can't use it on low levels.

Your main Support Spell is Karchamrak. Use it to place enemies in suitable formation and strike them with one of your fire AoE spells.
As for the others... Barrel, Incadescent Milk and Barrelhop seems to be a good choice for this Panda. You need mobility to hop around the battlefield and do all these crazy combinations. Simply use Karchamrak and throw your barrel somewhere and then teleport using Barrelhop.

As for the stat points I like this pattern: +1 AP, +1 MP (or +1 Range if your class got more than 4 useful ranged spells), +10% Critical Hit Chance (Some people stack Crit from the gear only, for me this additional 10% is A LOT, you really can crit in every turn if you're just a little lucky) and the rest is up to you. Some people like to add them to Inteligence for more fire damage, some people like to add them to HP Pool because in PvP HP is multiplied, it's up to you at this point.

There is almost no way to restore Wakfu points for this Class, just use them wisely. Don't waste them on Bamboozle if oyu don't have to.

Fire/Water Panda is all about mobility and planning, it's pretty hard to get used to but when you do it's very enjoyable gameplay.
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Ty very much for info... was chose water panda to play... im think i can use only Water in this build. Im dont like idea of 2 Elemts at all. Do you think what Crit chance is still go idea to go??
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I would not recommend to do pure Water or pure Fire Panda build. With just a little bit of split we get a really nice boost of damage and fighting options. Thanks to the low cost spells (1 ap, 2mp - Light My Fire and Bubble Trouble) it is easy and fun to do.
Best thing to do as a split is to get Incasdecent Milk at lvl 1, right away. It will boost damage a little and make a whole split build works fine.
About Bamboozle: that is a finishing spell. When you are sure you can finish fight before you lose all WP or get over 100 merry and get Worn Out. It's recommended when you play alone or you want to be damage dealer right at the start.
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ANy more sugestion? IF its realy not possible to play water panda then im must restart character(((
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It's not impossible and i didn't meant to discourage you. I would just use some fire spells for extra damage from Incasdescent state (which can be really devastating at some point). Note in mind, that pure water or dominant water splits pandas are more of a support characters as they use lots of mp (Bubble Trouble and Milk Fountain) or WP (Milk Wave). Try to go for Karchmak first, max it and you will be king of positioning. Use barrel for shielding/bonus effects from your spells, but don't level it at the start. You are more of long fights character then, as you need few good turns to stack nice piece of Dizzy.
Good luck.
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Ty for info. Im already lvl 17... got my barel lvl 8... Im think im need barel more then cause some time im got out of Stack on it. Now im will start max Karchmak. Im gona try to go for 1 ap from stats... but what to chose next?? Crit or full Chance for water dmg? 
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Hello there!
First of all i must say you're making a terrible mistake for thinking that fire doesnt work. I've been a fire panda ever since live hit and i dont regret for being one.

For your questions: Bamboozle is enough dizzy you need for ur enemies. It gives 20 merry each time its casted so you pretty much have 5 turns if u use it every time. Thats why you want to alter it with barrel hop which is your main spell as a fire panda. It gives you a huge advantage in positioning and chasing enemies. Panda on its own is a support class so there are lines where you will prefer to position/reduce resistance/give damage-dizzy etc..

You nearly never start pumping ur merry from the very beginning of the fight if you know you cant end it in 5-6 turns. So just hold it back and do stable damage with ur raw fire spells. I do use 2 water spells quite often which are milky breath and bubble. Only for the fact to keep the dizzy up or if im relying on 20% chance from my milky instinct.

You dont need to level them or use them as damage spells. They both cost 2ap and 1ap2mp so its more of a filler spell to keep the build running. Otherwise ull end up using bamboozle/barrel hop every turn and running out of wakfu as you already said.

So despite the fact that ull be using these 2 water spells u will be aiming to go into fire damage alone.. Even if these spells hit for 1-10 damage, they are there for dizzy. Not damage.

Now to get back on track. In time when ur panda skills grow higher, you will learn to see the line of when you need to pressure ur merry and when you dont. In cases where i run out of wakfu (which are pretty rare) i just drink my barrel with 1ap and that gives me 10 merry without using any wakfu.

Fire panda does have a pretty long ramp up time, but that ramp up time can be quickened and in a turn or two the tide of the battle will turn to your side.

Atm on my panda (Note that i dont have very strong gear and i lack some items to get my build perfected) im pulling out around 1000 dpt (with 2 dairys) without any crits and i have 26% crit. +Im wearing dark hurl set which means im increasing my crit damage by 80% which results around 700-800 single dairy crit. Note to self that dairy hits 4 cells which in most cases becomes possible and you end up doing this damage on 2-3 (4 targets in rare cases) targets. So you can count the damage on your own wink I personally enjoy being a fire panda and i dont think there's a more enjoyable class for me to play. This class is as good as you are able to play it. Also i dont think there is a more tactical / utility class than a pandawa. Im really sorry if i hurt someone by saying this, but its just my own opinion!

I really hope i helped you at least a little, even tho i see ur setting your mind towards a water build which is also pretty fun to play.

If you have any questions about pandas, feel free to leave me a msg here or in game!

- Styliaqt
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Ty fo r information. Im lvl 25 and im still playing pure water build.... and im think its work more then greate... Im was read what we can get respect at lvl 30 now. Im think about revamp to pure fire. Realy it will be so interesting combo with 2 panda in group water+Fire. So much dmg. Dizzy will stack from both players?
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