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A little confused about my fire pandawa

By LolinhaLove September 27, 2012, 04:39:01

I'm playing with a fire pandawa, and It's been working well so far, but I have a couple of doubts.
One of them is that I really don't know if I'm doing things right, as it is my first character on Wakfu ever.
Down below are the skills which I've invested my skill points on so far:
Karchamrak: 6
Incandescent Milk: 12
Bamboozle: 7
I got 1 AP as well.

Considering that, at the moment, I'm level 36, is it ok or have I messed the whole thing up?
I'm very confused about where should I invest my ability points on now... I've read some threads here in the forum, and sometimes they say that it's best for fire pandawas to put 50 points on inteligence after getting +1AP, and sometimes they say that critical and HP are better options.
I mean, I don't know if adding 50 int is worth it in higher levels, because it coasts 3 points to add 1 intelligence. Also, I'm wondering if it is worth it adding 50HP (in higher levels).
Anyway, could someone please give me some help? I really don't want to screw up my pandawa. ):

Thanks smile 
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Hey there!
First of all you are going the right way. Second of all, id rather max out some things such as Incadescent and Bamboozle as they help you with faster killing/farming. When u get to high level ull have some problems with WP but until then u will get the hang of the whole fire panda.
Regarding your stats, i simply cant see a pandawa working without that 1ap and after that it comes mainly to your personal pref. If you want to have a bit of luck id go for crit, if you dont like to rely on luck and wish to have stable and sustained damage id go for int. Unless you want to pvp in which case id go for initiative as most of my friends know im an ini freak and running with near 300 initiative.
Since i didnt play for very long time and im coming back now, im near done with a new fire panda build that might be pretty good regarding both pvp and pve (Game style changed since i played).
If you ask about a personal opinion with 3pts into int, id say no. Its just far too much for a very little benefit. I might be wrong ofc, but i think i've proven myself enough to share my opinion wink
Another thing which u might want to max out on later levels is Barrel hop. Since panda without mobility is very fragile.
Hope i helped a little at least smile

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Hey Stylia! Thanks for sharing your opinion, it was truly enlightening. Now I most surely will spend my points according to what I want of my pandawa on the future, as you said.
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