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Need help with my panda build!!

By Erixor - MEMBER - April 03, 2012, 19:19:53

As the title says I need some help with my panda.
I wanted to go full fire panda, but there is a problem... Is it possible to go full fire panda without the dizzy things from water tree? And will I still be able to dish out loads of dmg? And what support spells should I max and so on? Would be great if a high lvl experienced panda could tell me if it's worth it or not and if the dmg I will deal is great on higher lvls. And maybe some help with my stats and spell combos would be great to know too

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I would -personally- not recommend going full Fire. Many of its spells has bonus effects, which can be VERY useful. But only if you've applied Dizzy to the target. otherwise you won't optimize your damage output. So yeah, I guess Water is more or less needed. But if it's more Fire, less Water you want, there's always the Incadescent Milk passive, increasing Fire damage and giving your targets damage over turns if Dizzy, increases damage done depending on the levels of Dizzy.

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First of all, forget about "Lots of Damage" as your damage will always be "good" but not "high" if compared to 80% of classes, Pandawas aren't damage dealers, they are like the Joker card of Wakfu, they fit all roles well, but they can't do that better than classes which are specific for those roles.

Yes, Fire can be used without the help of the Dizzy state, it's just much, much worse.
Just consider every level of Dizzy means more damage and that you won't trigger spells' side effects, as well as you won't be able to use the Incandescent state, which grants some extra damage.

Base damage on Fire skills is also pretty low, considering the two highest damage dealers hit for a maximum of 60 Damage base on lvl.100, while the Water branch hits around 70 base damage. (80 if cast on Barrel).

So, answering your question: Yes, it can be used and no, I don't suggest it.


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Pretty much what's above. You really can't deal all that much damage as a solo Fire panda, since all of your skills have the Dizzy bonus factored into their overall damage.

However, I can tell you which skills you should be looking for as a Fire panda.

[First, I'll note that Fire skills' additional effects are based on Dizzy's stacks. In other words, if your target has Dizzy level 100, it'll have a 100% chance of activating.]

[Second, I'll note that Incandescent Milk only requires 1 stack of Dizzy to work, although more allows you to stack the levels much quicker.]

1. Incandescent Milk: Put 1 point early to take advantage of the effect, and max it later on, after Karchamrak. Important because it's the key to the Fire thing, as well as helping your overall damage.

2. Karchamrak: Bread and butter of any Panda, save maybe some Earth Builds. Karchamrak is what is usually referred to as the Carry/Toss skill. Use it once in melee to pick up a target, use it again to toss the target in a line. Useful to get out of Lock/Dodge range when maxed, since it only costs 1 AP per Carry or Toss (2 AP for a Carry and then a Toss), as well as positioning targets into the Incandescent Milk damage.

Those are pretty much the two necessary skills, period. With these, you can stack on a lot of damage, given a few other things later on. Other support skills that you should consider:

3. Bamboozle: Since Fire requires Dizzy for its additional effects, whichever way you look at it, this is a pretty awesome skill! First, Bamboozle gives you (and allies around you) L.20 Merry, which gives a +20% damage increase. Furthermore, Enemies within range get L.10 Dizzy, getting a 10% Resist reduction. Biggest problem lies in that Bamboozle costs 1 AP 1 WP. The former, the 1 AP, isn't a problem at all, but the latter, 1 WP, is. You can only use this skill 6 times if you don't use any other WP skill, so think about your plan beforehand!

4. Barrelhop: The other WP-using skill you'll probably consider. Allows you to teleport from massive distances when you target your barrel. Great for getting close or getting out. Also gives L.10 Merry, giving a +10% damage increase. Useful, but you need to be careful with being so close in those cases.

5. Master of Merriment: Useful for the Dodge bonus (+50 Dodge at level 20) and the light regeneration of HP when Merry at certain tiers! Probably should max it eventually, but not for any reason other than the Dodge.

6. Ether: And this is the last WP skill. I'd really suggest it if it didn't cost 1 WP; it really makes this not as useful for pretty much any Panda, since Barrelhops and Bamboozles use so much of it. Stabilizes the target, forcing them out of pretty much every single escape mechanism other than moving out manually. Also reduces Lock and, most importantly for you, removes LoS problems from that target. If it didn't have the WP cost, I'd recommend it to you SO FAST, but the WP cost makes it a problem for all of us. Also reduces Worn Out.

7. Barrel: Don't need it unless you're using Barrelhop. (Don't remember if it's needed for Bamboozle; might be.) Gives additional Quarts / uses of the Barrel you can summon from at level 0. At level 9, it allows you to summon Barrels at 2 AP instead of 3 AP. Not really useful at all for you.

8. Milky Instincts: The only reason why you should be levelling Barrel as well, if at all. Allows you to negate some damage dealt to you when the attacker is Dizzied. At levels 16 - 20, makes the Barrel Flaming, something that was useful for the previous iteration of Fire Panda, but not this one. Not really that useful for Fire pandas; you can probably skip it easily.

9. Bottomless Barrel: Increases Barrel Quarts and Lock on Pandawa. Not on your life unless you need the Lock for some ridiculous reason. Nope.

10. Aggressive Barrel: Reflects some damage the barrel receives, and dizzies the target. Requires the Barrel out and it hit. All but useless unless you have Milky Instincts, and even then it's pretty bad. If the Dizzy were something that were easier to apply, or if monsters hit the barrel more than they do even now, this would be a pretty great way for you to level. However, neither is true, so don't think about it. Nope. Never.

As far as Attributes goes, you're going to want AP. Why? Assuming you use a Water skill every turn, you lose about 2-4 AP per turn, depending on which skill you use. (Remember that its level does not ever matter; the Dizzy stacks will always be the same.) Therefore, you're going to want to be able to use at least 4 more AP for Explosive Flask and Dairy Springer, and maybe a bit more for Milking It. Assuming the 4 AP water skill is used every turn, that leaves you using Light My Fire (2 AP) every turn at 6 AP total. Therefore, a good goal to have is 8 AP, but I'd try to go for 9 just to be safe and be able to throw in a Milking It sometimes, or a Karchamrak use if needed.

So, 1 AP is pretty good, unless you want to hold out for a 1 AP weapon, a 1 AP Fire set, and / or, later on, a 1 AP ring. Either way, you're going to want to consider two more things: Range, and Intelligence. The former, Range, is useful to reach targets with some of your other skills. The latter, Intelligence, gives Fire Damage, which is your goal. If you can deal with your basic Range, dump the rest of the points in Intelligence. Else, grab a piece of armor that gives + Range or spend points on a + Range, and then go for Intelligence.

As previously mentioned, you want AP, Intelligence / Fire Damage, and Range. MP is always a great thing to also have, but not vital. Your gear should focus on these stats. I'm not the best Fire gear person, so someone else can fill in that blank, or you can search through Wakfu-Elements' database of items, armor, and sets for that.

Finally, skills. Since the Fire branch requires a lot of skills to synergize, be prepared for relatively low skill levels. As you get additional AP, that'll allow you to focus on one or two Fire skills, while keeping only one Water skill in relatively constant use.

Well, actually, that's not the only thing. Of note, remember that the state Incandescent Milk deals damage in a 1-radius cross of the afflicted target. This damage is done to anything in the adjacent squares, whether ally, enemy, or barrel, so be wary of where you use that. This is pretty much the reason why I do suggest getting some amount of MP or Range; it allows you to position Fire Skills on the appropriate targets.

Good luck and enjoy!

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Okay, why did they make the fire tree so useless solo? I don't want to use loadas of water spells to build up dizzy and then use a single fire spell to finish it off or something like that.... I don't like it at all "/ But I appreciated that u guys answerd so fast ! and sry for my bad spelling I am a much better speaker than a writer ;P

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Because it's supposed to be a combination. However, you're not supposed to deal the bulk of your damage with Water. You're supposed to actually use one (1) water spell a turn, if that, and the rest Fire. As in, 1x Milky Breath, 2x Light My Fire.

I'm pretty sure that, eventually, the damage off Fire actually surpasses Water, but it takes awhile to do so. You'll probably get to those levels of damage during soloing. Partying with one other player makes soloing a bit funner, though, allowing you to not have to spend turns repositioning enemies that much.

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