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which is the better tank(Panda or Feca)

By xenosaga2#9236 - MEMBER - July 14, 2021, 02:45:39

like the title says I was wondering which is the better endgame tank panda or feca and why.

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Honestly... both xD Mostly because Feca doubles quite well as a support/tank hybrid by giving buffs and armour to the whole team and serving as punching bag and Panda is a better resistance/anchoring tank with god-tier positioning thanks to the karchamrak spells, and many endgame bosses require a heavy dosage of kiting and positioning (Ashdragon is a NIGHTMARE without proper positioning). But to a team of 3, Definitely Feca (or even Foggernaut) to hold the enemies and take the punches while the support and DD can do their job safely.

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closely watching this thread as i am building a 3 man team ( so far consisting of Sadi ( Earth/Water Lone Sadi ) - Feca (Support/Tank) - Eca (Full dmg)

i wanted to pick Panda at first as my company's tank, but knowing that i am not really the best suited player to be responsible being the positioning tank in dungeons, i avoid taking that role as the one responsible of moving around the boss and i prefer that someone very good doing that job instead, as i am mostly support since the beginning. 

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