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Pandawa solo build?

By SigAqua#9726 - MEMBER - March 18, 2021, 23:41:27

Sorry to be a bother but, I was looking around for a build that would make it possible to solo with pandawa. I know it's not the best way to go about it but with my play times and how often I can get on ((and the fact that I'm like a black hole, I suck at everything I touch)) I was wondering if there was a way to make others avoid the misery of dealing with me and playing Pandawa as a solo XD but, I can't seem to find a build and I was wondering if somebody could give me some direction o.o

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To be honest, I don't think a pandawa is a good class to play solo. It has great tanking abilities, but the damage just, in my opinion, wouldn't suffice

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I play panda as a dd, and even if the class doesn't excel in it competitively, it's fun to play and good enough for casual content. Simply go with area and elemental mastery.
I use water and fire; blisskrieg is a cool spell, but you get lower overall damage if you build 3-ele and both fire and water have too good spells not to use them.
Some notes about about some spells:
- Explosive flask is high in damage and you can throw a mob against another one;
- Milk wave has high damage but doesn't stack dizzy, so I'd use it only when you have high preparation (+%damage inflicted);
- Milk fountain, when you target your barrel, is good to regroup mobs so you can hit more of them together with other area spells;
- Milking it has a good area and it's good to build up dizzy on mobs (you can use it 3 times on turn 1, stacking 15 dizzy on the mobs);

Basically the dd panda strategy would be to stack dizzy, burn them up (possibly more at once) with flaming burp to get preparation (+%dmg inflicted) and then nuke the mobs with a high dmg spell like Milk wave (using your barrel as a target).

About the passives, standard ones are Master of Merriment, Bottomless Barrel, Milky Instinct and Aggressive Barrel. For the last two, I use Poisoned Chalice (for extra poison damage, although it's single target, so not much effective) and Inhalation. You can use Bambottle for extra dodge, Buzzed if you want to stack 30 dizzy before using them, and Refreshment if you keep a second barrel near you to get +20% damage.

Again, panda as dd is not optimal, but fun to play with. But if you wanna do decent damage, you have to forget your support role and only position mobs for yourself (as any dd would do), or you waste on potential damage.

This is my spell deck if you need:

Feel free to ask more if you're interested.

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This game is impossible to solo in high levels, why don't you take this chance to get used to people?

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because he probably doesn't have anyone who will come play with him or he doesn't want to have two translators open to speak/understand Spanish/Portuguese

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