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Panda and portal

By JonTurk - MEMBER - November 20, 2020, 04:50:11

Chamrak : carry a target
Karcham : throw a target
Panda stat starts as Sober

Sober Stat :
-Requirements:  - Worn-out stat and Start of panda turn
Passive Speciality :adds +1 lv worn-out ,can be extra heal buffs
Active spell 
  Chamrak : carry any target,-1 wp;
  Karcham : throw any target;

Portal stat when sober :
  -Panda can not use portal,

Active spell Barrel :
     -Summons a barrel ,
     -Disables Barrel spell
     -if cast on bearer : Merry, if cast on empty tile: Sober.

Barrel Merriment Stat
-Requirements:  - Sober stat and cast of Barrel spell;
Passive Speciality :adds +1 lv merry and +1 range
Active spell stats:
  Chamrak : Carries barrel(s) only in this turn until stat is worn out.
  Karcham : throws barrel.
Portal stat :
   -Panda can use portals.
Barrel Worn out Stat:
-Requirements:  - Merry stat and end of panda turn;
Passive Speciality :restore  +any amount of wp
Portal stat :
  -Panda can use portals.
-Worn out stat sets "Sober" at start of panda turn AUTOLY.

sober>merriment>Worn out>Sober is a cycle

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