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Ultranoob questions

By Hebe- - MEMBER - May 23, 2020, 02:15:59

I'm a 60lvl pandawa that is trying to be offtank/tank

I'm wondering what kind of gear should I be looking for
gear with %block , +HP% and lock?

also how should I spend my turns?
putting dizzy on enemies and only using six roses whenever I feel something big is coming? (besides jumping and throwing enemies)

thanks! I've been having some trouble finding some answers <3kiss

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I don't know an answer to your questions, but take a look at this post:  

Really good info for a tank Pandawa.

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Thanks! I already read it and was really helpful
also I played a little bit more and I'm getting used to the pandawa, so everything seems to be working nice biggrin (I'll still accept tips if anyone reads the thread!)huh

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If you want to be a offtank Panda that's ok but never understimate yourself, in lower dungeons may work but in the higher ones... an offtank never will tank like a true tank and never will deal as much damage as a true DD. Good luck.

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