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Who's the best of them all?

By MiloAE - MEMBER - April 05, 2018, 21:57:41
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Score : 1

Amazing stats, appreciate the old school panda name too, stormstout was a badass

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Score : 67

You're pretty much the only one here besides me who knows the last name of Chen.
Also it's just a visual bug like you can see.

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Score : 6041


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Score : 67

I like enchilada.

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Score : 536

Well, this is a nice picture of a convenient scenario that will happen once every planetary alineation.

Whatever makes you feel the best, i guess. 

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Score : 106

he just said it was a visual bug lol...someones salty

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Score : 3970

it's just  a visual bug that give huge fake stats,once you spend 12ap even if your spells are avaiable they cannot cast

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Score : 67

Actually this bug appears if you change your build in a fight haha.

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Score : 1389

Nice bug you got there. I miss my virtual 3k elemental mastery + 15 ap.

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