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Off tank build PVE

By CobbDouglas86#9736 - MEMBER - August 01, 2017, 09:27:33

Hello everyone

I wonder if someone knows a good off-hand build in order to level up alone. I already have a tank build which I am like a rock but with 0 dmg and also I have a support build... Now i am looking for a off tank build... Any recomendation?

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What do you think about this off-tank build (pve) I would like to get something to help me level up and dont die in 2 hits. Please let me know your feedback

Intelligence: HP 36 points, Barrier 4, Eelemental Res. 10 
Strength: CC mastery 20, HP:30
Agility: Lock 50
Chance: Crit hit 20, Block 20, Critical Mast 10 
Major: AP MP RES Dmg

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Any help please?

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Sorry, I do't answer longer, because I don't have the time now. In my opinion, I wouldn't use poisoned chalice for offtank, use bottomless barrel instead. Exchange Inhalation for pandemic, if you want to be more tankier. I think dairy springer is more useful than triple whammy. Milk Fountain has a really bad damage/AP ratio and costs MP, but in some builds it's useful.

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