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Pandawa Elements: Earth + ???

By Excrysis - MEMBER - July 24, 2017, 07:43:32

Played lots classes but recently I got interest in Pandawa and its versatiliy.

I checked guides and builds. Now, I understand the basics of pandawaps mechanics, however when I tried it out, it turns that it is difficult to play with. So... I may need advice.

1) Which kind of Pandawa is best now: Meelee or Ranged?
2) Which elements combination with Earth?
3) Most recommended spells?
4) Which stats?

Thanks in advance.

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Any one? smile

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All I will tell you now are preferences. I say it in that way because there is no clear perfect way in playing Pandawa, at the moment I'm searching (for a long time) for the best way, but low level and high level aren't compareable at the moment and ... nevermind ...

Earth is the element for tanking and good (but not super good) damage, Fire has some reall good tools, I would always use like "flaming burp" and "dairy springer" (I'm not sure about the name), Water has some little heals and damage. All elements can do good damage with some spells, but I wouldn't classify Pandawa as a damage dealer in general.

1)Melee or Range: I wouldn't decide between them in general, melee has some advantages for tanking, but lacks synergies between good spell combos, distance has the same problem (but with water+fire you could go distance), AoE is good for Earth/Fire, but not perfect; mono isn't really viable, I think, eventually only with water.
I have a 200 Earth+Fire Pandawa with one Water Spell, because of my level, I have a full general damage+ really good resistance equipement. I do medium damage, but can go to full tank every time I need it or save team mates, if they do failures.

2) It is mainly your preference. I like Earth/Fire more, because it better harmonizes with carring the barrel in my point of view, but thats all.

3) for earth: Six Roses, Blizzkrieg
     for fire: Dairy Springer, Flaming Burp, (Explosive Flask)
     for water: Milk Wave

4) for the main points: Ap, BP, Res + one you want
Full Tank: every res you can get, around 3-5 barrier, then all HP you can get (even in the mastery tab) + Block
Tank/DD/Positioner: every res you can get, every HP you can get, Crit-Chance, Block
DD: I would lie, if I think it is totally viable, but you can make some good nukes with water/earth (and flaming burp for preparation); there I would take final damage and critical damage instead of block, thats all

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Wow! Your answer is a great one! I love it! Really appreciate it!

I will go Water/Fire Ranged to level up. It seems easier until Pandawa gets more AP to play with the barrels, which was my whole idea: Be versatile with Barrels and positioning while off tanking (End game obviously)

I hope I can get to that point, since Pandawa is a very difficult class for me. Thanks again.

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