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Earth/water or Earth/fire for PVE mostly SOLO/DUO?

By Neykz - MEMBER - June 19, 2017, 16:51:36

I don't wanna be the damage dealer nor the healer. I wanna be.. the panda.
What do you recommend going for, then? 
I'm lvl 46 using this setup:

It's earth/water but I don't think it might be the best way.
I don't mind having to play melee or distance (even though I preffer a mid-range to close-range combat).
Please please, help me! T_T

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If you're aiming for a support/off-tank Panda whose main role is map manipulation then don't focus too much on the elements but on the spells that you'll need and use in the fight.
The only reason you might want to focus on either is for your shield and heal but you won't have much time to do any of those 2 things.

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But Do you recommend me playing this style solo-wise?
I'm having quite a good time with the setup I got now, but I think it could get better. Dunno.
Anyway, I'm 55 now, with 10 AP, 4 MP. My damage isn't that high nor my tankiness, but the class is cool itself.

Also, I need help asap cus my reset gonna expire soon T_T (I still got that restat from lower lvs)

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Solo style you'll still want a good dd build for actually killing things since that's your main purpose. I would use 2 different builds, although it isn't that important early:

  • Ranged build for kiting and positioning
  • Melee, defensive, lock build

There are many ways to play a panda since it is a flexible class. Just play how you want. 
Btw, those number codes are unreadable in this forum. It would be easier to just make a link from Methodwakfu.
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I see. Maybe a melee build would be a better choice.
So should I go for Close combat mastery?
What I'm thinking for a earth/water that would stay mainly melee, would be something like:

10 Elemental Resist / the rest goes for %HP
20 Close Mastery / 20 Single?Area? Mastery / the rest goes for Elemental Mastery
10~15 in Lock and Dodge / 10 in initiative / the rest goes for Lock
20 Block / 20 Critical hit / the rest goes for berserk?/healing?/critical resist?/critical mastery?/rear mastery?/ (all of them seems actually very good, I gotta study it before though)
+1 AP / +1 MP / % Damage?/Elemental resist? (both seems okay)

Besides the question marks attributes, do you think it's a solid build for a close-ranged pandawa? 
I think I would like to be that tank guy that will move the monsters around and get the aggro for him. Sometimes healing a friend if needed, or whatever.

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I want to build a meelee pandawa hybrid earth plus water or fire. Which would be the ideal element to choose, stats, and spells?

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Is it possible to have a dd melee build? (PVE)

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