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Water/Fire or Water/ Earth?

By SparklyGlitter - MEMBER - April 07, 2016, 11:18:24

Hi there

I am struggling to choose between Water/Earth and Water/Fire (my other Pandawa is Fire/Earth).

From what I could gather from the Class Book, the combination of Water/Earth would be quite helpful for support. Does it inflict good damage as well, or is it best to use this build while in a team?

As for Water/Fire, is it a good combination? It may sound silly, but is it possible for the Fire build to hinder the Water build's potential?

Thank you in advance.

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Mono air panda is definetly best

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Water/Fire is solid for support, mobility, and ranged AOE damage. I rather like it, and it's one of the easier ways to play Panda.

Water/Earth is solid and has your best spells for tanking/support.

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Mausquad|2016-04-07 14:08:36
Mono air panda is definetly best
Very funny ^

I play Fire + Water, it great if like playing more ranged game (though does have spells that can be used in close).

I tried Earth + Water, but it was trickier for me to do, but that just me.
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Water fire/pandawa is also nice as CC/aoe char with barrel in use. spells like milk fountain, milk wave and bubble trouble for water make healing/damaging easy depending on your deck ofc.For fire light my fire dairy springer and explosive flask are nice tools combined with Barrel use.

over all it depends on your play style.. as long as you enjoy your char im sure its build nicely smile

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