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Advice significently needed in selecting 2nd element - Pandawa Off-Tank in 6 hero team.

By LifelsBrutal - MEMBER - March 27, 2016, 19:10:22

Hello fellows !

Just like the title says, need advice in picking the second element for my pandawa off-tank build. For sure my main element is Earth and I am not so experienced player to decide which of the element would boost/help my teammates better. The role is to position and off-tanking, not necesarry dishing big damage numbers.

I believe it would be easier for you fellows to help me if you see the whole team/idea of heroes which me and my mate will try to enjoy the game content.

Feca - Earth/dont know the other element
Osamodas - summoner Fire/Earth
Sadida - Support/heals Earth/Water
Rogue - Fire/Earth damage dealer
Masqueraider - Water/Air manipulator/heals/maybe dmg ?

and the great mind breaker of mine - Pandawa Earth/ ?

I will be very thankfull to every respond and advice trying to solve my Pandawa mystery.

Thanks, wish u good huntings and enjoy the game !


btw. My lvl is around 75 atm. Sorry for my english.

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Why not tri?

Also the water/earth panda can heal very good with medicine, cocktail and tsunami, you just have to know how to abuse.

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Ok. I never thought about using all 3 spell elements, so the question to Xaloxflow: how would you spend abilities points and what spells would you pick to use ? More defensive like block, or ch% ? What damages or heal ?

This is the combination I am using at the moment:

Click here

I am not experienced player but I am learning pretty fast I believe, I see Pandawa has many interesting builds to go on, tons of usefull spells, etc. It makes me think if you are using a jack of all trades build (which I believe tri element would be, a little bit of everything, if I am wrong just correct me) you are master of nothing.

Atm it is hard for me to position mobs/allies, apply dizzy and let's say generate lock/shields just to survive, maybe thats the reason why I did not think about going 3 elements.

As I said, I am a noobie, if I am wrong just correct me guys, would like to see some replies, some talking going. I am level 7X and it might be not enough to fully feel the character, maybe I should play Pandawa like the jack of all trades.

Thanks for reply.

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