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Splash of Milk

By Aquallia - MEMBER - February 09, 2016, 05:36:14

Today I tried casting it on both of my barrels hoping to over lap and double the effect (standing in between them not facing either trying for even better self heal), as everyone else probably already knows casting it on one barrel then on the other just changes the location of the milk cloud aura.

I was wondering, how broken would it actually be if overlapping the auras would be possible?

Is it possible we could ever get it allowed to have aura around both barrels? Would anyone else like that?

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I would like to see this, but I doubt it is something that ankama would add, I get the impression they dont want pandawa's to be too good at healing or tanking because they already have impressive positioning capabilities. I know this is a bit off topic but I feel sacrier fogger and panda deserve to be buffed a bit tank support wise. Like all of the new content is made for feca tanks only, any other class with tanking capabilities is embarrassingly out shined. C'mon, give some tanky classes a Templar armor equivalent. for example make the milk splash aoe like Templar armor on enemy's

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In the right situation, I guess hiding with a barrel on either side and back against a wall a doubled milk cloud aura might be annoying. It be only 1-3 squares directly between the barrels that be the sweet spot though.

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