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Wondering about Earth/Fire

By Rancidrode - MEMBER - September 23, 2015, 00:58:43

So I'm currently a Mask ( changed from being an Iop ) and I'm abit in a tough spot. It deals some really nice damage but I hate how squishy it is compared to how being an Iop was. So I've been thinking and I want to go another route, a more tanky yet still decent damage and came out with an Earth/Fire Panda. It would have ranged options, alot of ways to get closer to mobs ( or get away from ) AND it can have shields which I really enjoy seeing on my char.

So my question is would they play well ? How would the damage be and how would the tankyness be ? I'm planning on going tanky stats but staying in Merry state as long as possible and only going Worn out when I really need to urgently tank something.

Thanks in advance.

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I play a Fire + Water ranged / healing build, but I have got to see an Earth + Fire Pandawa in action. Looks like they do pretty well to me.

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The iop is squishy compared to a well geared tanky panda.

BTW, the damage is good, but the iop damage is higher
however the panda has a good map manipulation, some ranged spell, and the water branch can heal too

So... a panda can do a lot of things: tank, map manipulation, heal... while the iop can do only damage (and he is a bad tank too)

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