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Flaming Burp Nerfed or Bugged?

By Whiterummy - MEMBER - May 08, 2014, 16:20:09
Noticed this today while trying to raise my crits. Starts off normal but once you get to high lvls of Dizzy and continually attempt to stack crits with burp (Boozle,Burp, Burp, Burp) the crits are halving each time. So I had an enemy at 50 Dizzy the first burp would stack 16% crits the second would stack 8% and the third would stack 0%. Have they nerfed this spell so we can't gain more then a certain amount of crits (ankama logic: not a rogue lets nerf it) or is this just bugged.

If this is a nerf a little notice would have been nice cause otherwise this just feels like a swift:
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Should report it as a bug, Milkie.

That's obviously not how Burp works.
what is the maximum crits you can get ? 0.o?
btw go post in bug section i doubt many people will come here tongue 
aimhunt|2014-05-08 16:34:27what is the maximum crits you can get ? 0.o?
You can reach 100 so long as you maintain it by stacking higher dizzy and attack using burp on the enemy.
Just wanted to make sure it wasn't a nerf as I don't really read changelogs that much. I checked the recent ones though and couldn't find anything but still. Reported that mofo.
I created a pandawa recently and conduct tests in the training room. What I can say is, yes it does reduce flaming burp state by half when you end your turn. Though I cannot comment if this was changed without us noticing or not because I am new to pandawa.
I haven't read anything from the change logs that mention of nerfing panda spells so.. bug :|

- heartless-booze
this is a american shit X(
poor guy always pissed I do try to help him every now and then ^^
tingonk|2014-05-17 19:42:32this is a american shit X(

XHakenX|2014-05-17 22:59:02poor guy always pissed I do try to help him every now and then ^^

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