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Which element?

By Noxymilien158 May 01, 2014, 15:42:24
I don't know which element panda should I make. Nawadays all panda I see are Fire/Water. I wand to do somethink other. I like earth panda, but nowadays one element isn't profitable. I wondering about Earth/Fire. Merry feeds Earth, earth make dizzy, dizzy feeds fire. Problem is, the build isn't very
flexible. So whhich element should I go in?
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I've never had any issue playing as a mono element water / earth or fire. I've also played as a tribuild before and it was very effective.

If you could get your hands on a sage set you'd easily have 520%+ in 3 elements / other mixers would make it stronger and you could reach 600% in 3 categories easily.

Currently I'm playing as a mono fire tree panda and I am greatly enjoying it! Only dungeon I struggle in is Wa Wabbit as the fire res on the majority of the mobs is OBSCENE but even then I have my uses because panda.

Don't feel limited by the builds of others! Choose spells you have fun using and go for it , after all panda is all about flexibility
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