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Tank Pandawa?

By Heartbank March 17, 2014, 01:24:50

While training with a friend, she mentions she hasn't seen Fecas in such a long time she didn't know what they did. I explained I was a tank build (water/earth) and she asked why I didn't choose pandawa instead. According to her Pandas are fantastic tanks. Is this true? I assume an earth build would work, but I was under the impression pandas are all about burst damage and movement.

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Earth pandas benefit from being able to buff their lock with one of the earth spells, and put dizzy on the target. With the passive Milky instinct any monster that is dizzy has 20% of not hitting the panda but instead its barrel.

So in that way a panda can lock targets, and has 1/5 chance of not taking damage from dizzy targets.

There are better choices for tanks, mostly a class that can prevent heal res from increasing too fast. But pandas can be tanks too.

Hope this helped.

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There is a way that Panda can tank. My panda is a Earth/Fire, Magmog Use Panda Tank.
Pandas are originally a support class but any class is able to become a DPT given the right build and gear.

Here is my build for my panda at 145.

Of course he can do better in resist if he uses something else besides the milkar set. However, Milkar set gives Canine Dodge, a 7% chance to dodge attacks.
I use fire/earth because Magmog only uses fire and earth attacks. Because he'll be carrying an eniripsa he'll be the one mostly targeted (due to trying to hit 2 people) and with this he can reduce the heals he needs from the eni who is carrying him.

In addition to the milkar set, Milky Instinct will allow the barrel to take hits for the panda at a cost of one quart of barrel. This will only work if the panda makes the target (in my case: Magmog) dizzy with a water attack.

So with Milkar and max level Milky Instinct, the panda will have a 7% chance of dodging a attack or a 20% chance of being protected by a barrel.

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