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Earth, Fire, Water Panda Combo Guide [Before Revamp]

By Belphegor09 March 16, 2014, 14:30:58
Hi there, I'm from Wakfu Asia Server. I'll be sharing my little knowledge on pandas.
I've played all panda branches, and I can say that each of them have their own different playstyle.

To start things off,
Earth Panda - The tanky damage dealer, the only branch which can cast skill while holding the barrel.
My combo in earth panda goes this way.
Barrel > Barrel hop 5x > Karchamrak in the first turn then Spam Blitz Krieg and Lactic Acid in the succeeding turns to do massive damage.

Water Panda - Also barrel dependent, good in dealing AOE damage along the barrel
My combo in water panda
Barrel > Barrel hop 5x > Milky breath. Make sure that you don't block the barrel towards the enemy to have a chance for a barrel double milk fountain next turn.

Fire Panda - My personal favorite, Also have a good AOE, and Massive damage, Don't depend on barrel so much.
My combo as a fire panda
Depending on the situation, You may put a barrel first so you may use barrel hop incase you might get into trouble, but when pretty confident or dealing with small number of mobs, I personally close the distance, then use Karchamrak then make a diagonal with the enemies > Bamboozle > Dairy Springer for AOE damage > Light my fire. You may decide not to use Karchamrak as your first skill and reserve it as your last, if your karchamrak is successful, the enemy you're lifting up with lose it's turn.

Well, practically, that's it.
By the way, those combo's were usually performed when Barrel, Karchamrak, Barrel Jump, and Bamboozle is at max, and you have atleast 9-10ap.
Hope I helped some panda newbies out there. smile 
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