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Why am I so weak?

By Thebystandard March 02, 2014, 02:03:59
Is it normal to be soo weak as a water panda at levels 60 - 70 ?
I am finding it almost impossible to level without the help of others..
My freind thats a lvl 70 osa can solo kill 5 calamar mobs while I can barley kill 1.
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I'm a water panda and I'll say all pandas in general are a little lackluster until around lv80. But once you get 10ap, you can start to really see all the cool combos you can do. As a water panda you'll almost never be used as a damage dealer. Not to say you'll deal bad damage. Not at all in fact! Water pandas can gain a huge damage buff from merry and dizzy. I often find myself hoping around and moving enemies and allies before even thinking about throwing out some damage spells. But anyway, I say if you enjoy your panda keep at it. The damage and utility will come.
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