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Fire/water Pandawa help

By JoriJordan January 04, 2014, 03:55:42
So i have a fairly new fire/water pandawa and seem to be losing intrest, but i feel like it is because I am unsure of my role and rotation of spells I should be using for a level 31 Pandawa, any advice would be appreciated really, I don't want to remove my character but it has me a tad confused :p
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I just hit 30 and is having same prob i have no put any point anywhere cause i cant find a guide that will help me out or atleast some one to ask about it this community is so small its so hard to find any info...
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My panda is 118 and Fire/Water, give me a minute to doublecheck his spells/gear and do a writeup for you both.

Temporary/Leveling advice: Don't hybrid a Panda from the start. Choose Fire or choose Water and stick it out until later on, because there is NO GEAR for this hybrid until 63 with Duke Whelkington Set. Use a Respec to build up your other branch when it's good and ready.
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Thanks a lot im so glad to see someone respond i i just repeced and put 31 points in all my fire and what was left over in my milking it the last fire spell and so far have 9pts in bamboozle and currently lvling incandescent milk probably wrong things to level lol
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Okay, logged on my Panda now and I can see his everything.

I do not have a range statted, because Milk Fountain has an enormous base range on it. More than enough to reach any monster that I need to be hitting. There is no such thing as a "typical rotation" on a Panda because what they do is decided on the spot - What is important is that Water/Fire Pandas cannot make use of Milking It because it consumes Dizzy stacks. Explosive Flask far outweighs it when you consider the Explosion procs you can get after a few turns of picking at something with Fountain from across the map. I abhor the consumption of Dizzy stacks, they make everything so much nicer! (This only matters after you start to get your Water tree going alongside. Milking It is a great spell for pure fire and for leveling up as well, big damage on a big AoE!)

The idea is to plonk down the barrel when the fight starts and then begin to chip away with Fountain. If anything starts to get close you can start to mow it down with Bamboozle + Dairy Springer for backstab + Light My Fire + Explosive Flask. Only start to merry up when you're pushed into close combat, the extra MP at 40 merry will help you get all your movements and spellcasts in.

Bubble Trouble is great for quickly adding extra stacks of dizzy if your target has under 25 or so. Barrelhop is also fantastic for moving in, popping a mob with some annoying spells and then hopping the heck out of there to avoid getting a comeback. It also helps you not get in the way of teammates.

Karchamrak is fantastic. You can use it to throw two mobs together for Fountain, throw your barrel between some things for Fountain, throw mobs into position for your allied Cra or Rogue to mow down... it's just great for putting everything where it needs to be. I like to use it to reposition my Sadida's dolls if I have any spare AP so that they're never left wandering around all confused.

Current stat investments @ Level 118:

1 AP
1 MP
60 Intelligence
58 Chance

Current spell investments @ Level 118:

Karchamrak 9
Barrel 9
Barrelhop 9
Bamboozle 9
Incandescent Milk 20
Milky Instinct 20

25 Remaining Points which I will likely be putting into Master of Merriment.

Hope this gives you some indication of what a water/fire panda looks like down the line. Hopefully there will be more input from other players.
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That helped me out alot thanks i was using bamboozle on my teamats and wearign them down now i know not to do that really helped me out alot thanks for the fast respond too!!!
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Using Bamboozle to buff your teammates is actually a pretty good thing to do. Worn Out at level 20 has no penalty other than 'cannot be merry', and if you can reach an ally AND an enemy with Bamboozle it's a good idea to buff them with it.
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Hello smile
Since i cant write new topic i will just ask here. I hope you want be angry.
I am 44lvl panda fire/water while i was playing dofus i earned some kamas and i bought ogrines and here is the question. What is most important for Panda Fire/Water from IS. Which ring and which weapon would you choose if you were on my place?smile
Great Thanks for anyone who will answer smile 
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Get the one-handed weapons, i dont think it would matter which one..... but atleast something with range if that is possible

And since the rings lose power before late game, then just go for the wisdom ring

Sacrier can choose the one that deflects dg but that's pretty much it.

If you already have a high level character you could also just get the pp ring, so that you can farm items with the high level characters.... but i dont think that answers your question.
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I haven't played in a while and now I see all this new sets.. So, Question for fire/water.. Is infernal good set? What can I mix it with? .. And after infernal, what set is recommended?? vampire set is good?
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Infernal is good if you can train with someone. You won't end up with the highest %dmg, but the +wisdom is nice. You can combine it with divine tofu set for +2 ap total bonus, and a bit more wisdom. With that you'll be reasonably effective and have some leveling speed to boot.

Vampiro is ok until you can get to lenald or some new cactus items for a real water/fire set. Combined with amuleto for a bit of kit skill, you can have ~450% dmg in both elements by level 120.
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