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Worn Out Panda needs a little help

By evilmanofevil January 02, 2014, 07:49:34
So at lvl 32 I have Karchamrak maxed and barrel at 7. So my main concern is whenever I reach lvl 100 Merry the next turn I get like 100 lvl worn out whether or not I have the barrel in my hands or not. My build works pretty decent. I can do like 164 damage when Merry is at 80 which is pretty good for my lvl. I plan on using cloudy tofu set soon. Until then I'll use my half baked set.
1) Why is this happening even when the barrel in my hands has charges?
2) Are there any way to stop my panda from skipping two turns from the high lvls of Worn-Out?
3) If there are then what is it?
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1.When a turn has been played with 100 Merry your next turn will always drop/remove the barrel and give you 100 worn out (Putting you to sleep) Its a normal feature for barrel and can be slightly worked around depending on the situation.

2. Yes to my knowledge there are 3 ways to Weaken/Remove worn out:
a. Just wait until worn out is fully gone.
b. Use the Pandawa Specialty spell called Ether to remove 10 Worn Out per use.
c. Have an Eni use the Specialty spell "Eniraser" to remove all negative effects, removing Worn Out.

If you really really hate Worn Out and face it frequently pairing up with an Eni could be a good idea.

I hope this helps at all ^^
Score : 1348
Thnx for the help.biggrin
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