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Revamp Pandawa

By nonopino December 21, 2013, 21:43:01
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Write a review here in English or here in French

I can try to translate if you do not understand.

You need to download the PDF in French
First Ankama intervention
Hi everyone,

I am working on a translation for you guys next week. smile 
See message in context
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I tried using Google to translate the pdf, but the translation is incoherent. I would very much appreciate it if you could assist in translating the pdf if that's not too much to ask.
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Could you write out a translation for it in this thread? That'd be great although I know it will be a lot of work
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I'm not as good as his English.

I essayer.Il should know that the French community dislikes.

That nothing is sur.Phase beta.
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I guess we can wait for the official translation. It's not a big deal, and it seems like the French players are not taking the changes too kindly.
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Some new mechanics we were put on pandawa at the expense of spell effects most often withdraw.
If we look at it now concretely:

Euphoria (activates via spells Water) Ratio 5/P.a
Exhilaration 1 = 1% water

Thirsty (activates via Fire spells) Ratio 3/P.a
Is consumed using Flaming Burp self
Steals 1 Pa (2.5%) and 1 Pm (1%), so it takes two turns to be a fly on PA and 3Tours to have great chance to steal the Pm. (Based on a Panda 10/11P.A)

Dizzy (4 lots activates via land) ratio 1.5 dizzy/ PA

Explosive mixture, is active for the panda with Pandawhack. (Makes 1P.A)
Water damage spells become, euphoria does not increase.
Inflicts Earth 6Dommages use PA / PO +2 Spell Max and 2 minimum

Milky Breath on panda:
Spell fire, maybe single-target(not on) not applicable eater
Heal Panda 0.07 (inc) Water / P.A

Branch Fire: Loses spell effect

Branch Earth: Loses spell effect, keeps dizzy

Karchamrak : any loss suffered by an opponent hp apply one level of destabilized.
Désatibilisé at level 10, the panda puts his target (3Range max)
Lvl -1 if the panda does not

Barrel :40% of hp pandawa and its resistance
Beginning around the panda, a barrel is invoked near to panda.
On it so impossible, on him.

Ether :
On ally stabilizes + ethereal no longer blocks line of view

On enemy: The target makes a dodge roll against panda, in case of failure: Ethereal

20 lock for 1 turn

Note: Ethereal lvl 2 can be stabilized by ether (lvl -1 lap)

Barrelhop : Range 1-7.

Bamboozle : 3Pa (=AP biggrin) / Range 6
80% of the damage suffered by the Allies near to barrel are returned to the panda.
On panda: Pw additional costs 1, 100% of the damage suffered by the Allies 2 cell barrel are forwarded to the panda.

Incadescent milk :
If Panda finished his tour in contact with his barrel: +40 lvl cocktail ignited
Note: cocktail ignited +1% fire if they apply to the thirsty, (max 150)

Do not hesitate to tell me what is really incomprehensible.
I try again

I go to sleep.Once again sorry for the translation
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Wow 4ap for barrel. And no longer charges. What a weird change, going to make these really different.
Only one barrel hop per turn as well.

So the translation is really hard to make out, but it looks like allies will get health for hitting the barrel, and the panda and allies can get bonus damage or something from starting/ending turn next to barrel.
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I don't like it when Panda AP costs aren't divisible by 2 or 5. These spells see no use for a reason, Pandas use even amounts of AP basically every turn outside of UB fights (where they're always carrying somebody).

How about, if you want people to use flaming burp, make it 2ap or 4ap. Don't slap an activation mechanic on it, it STILL won't see use, people just won't use the mechanic.
Hi everyone,

I am working on a translation for you guys next week. smile 
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Not sure about Fire spells at all, but with 50% i can say: "No long Pandawas in party must be" =(
Let's cross fingers guys and hope about Pandawas gameplay.
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Pandas are one of the most solid classes, any revamp will likely be for the worse.
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I've got a feeling that most panda spells' damge are going to be nerfed
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SpartanJeff|2013-12-23 00:41:20
I've got a feeling that most panda spells' damge are going to be nerfed
Basically, they're "support" so their damage has to be badhappy 
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I'm holding back a lot due to not understanding everything in the document, but from what I can tell, this looks like a straight up nerf. With fecas being buffed as much as they are, I was hoping that if panda was being changed in any way, that it would be to make them competitive to fecas.

It's looking more like they want to make pandas inferior to fecas in both damage and defense. That means the panda's utility has to be so much better than the feca's utility, that it makes up for the worse defense and damage, and I extremely doubt it's going to be even as good as what a feca brings to the party, let alone better.

But, we'll see. I hope they offer an option to trade our class in for another of a similar level if pandas end up inferior to revamped fecas in every way like I suspect. :/
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I really hope they don't f**k this up. Pandawa is the only class I really play. Honestly you shouldn't fix what isn't broken.
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Am i understanding this well?

At the beggining of a fight a barrel will be summoned next to the panda. And the note says if the barrel is destroyed, a new barrel will be summoned after its destruction? Passively?

So that means by using barrel (the spell) what the panda does is replace a current barrel?
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Returns made ​​after the "PDF", it was taken into account that the redesign did not meet the expectations of players pandawa.

The redesign will therefore refer to the following patch (There is none in January) Feca in February so Mars.

You can still Based on the current panda and the PDF gave your impressions.

@YessiuCandy Know that the redesign of feca Kwoac to cancel was because the Int community did not like :p.

Seriously, Grou is a former good player who sometimes redesigns nice but a person who no longer plays the game must seek the advice of players.

P.s : Happy christmas
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@nonopino: Do you know what exactly the FR community's against with respect to the Pandawa document? I see a number of possible points, but the biggest thing is lack of the "gigantic buff" that was Merry. Is that what they're not supportive of?

As for the document: I like a lot of the changes. A lot of them are creative fixes to things that I felt were too stupid to be handled normally. Naturally, I still have plenty of questions (What the heck is Milky Breath supposed to do? How are Incandescent Cocktail (Passive 1) or Bamboozle / Happy Hour supposed to work? Why is Worn Out -2 AP instead of something more creative like adding -Resists? Would Water spells damage at all, and, if so, would they damage when cast on a target or on a barrel? What does Euphoria do?

I mean, from what I've been able to understand, Milky Breath is supposed to synergize with Parched / Incandescence to deal more damage and/or heal the Pandawa as well, Incandescent Cocktail is supposed to increase Fire damage every turn you end next to your barrel, and Euphoria is supposed to increase Water Damage. I do like the potential debuffs that Pandas could toss out, especially in a game that rewards target control and damage mitigation.

The advent of Earth/Water sets would allow, assuming the changes included in this document were implemented directly, healing Pandas to also be able to substitute as tanky debuffer/damagers when needed, and Water/Fire would be able to do some heavy debuffing of themselves. Fire/Earth would be a bit more modal, but would be strong damagers with a fair amount of debuffing.

I still hate Merry and almost feel Pandas would be better off without that kind of "buff"; I want an actual buff that I can give to my allies, not a zero-sum buff that can actually ruin strategies by limiting potential actions! Furthermore, equal buff/debuff makes the bonus not really worth giving to allies unless you can defeat an enemy with it, making it a situationally-useful bonus when it's a bonus that can't be switched off. We've learned already that inability to control certain "always-on" passives is a giant detriment to certain classes (Ecaflips and their Tarots. Mostly before, but even still now.), so why continue with it?

I hope Ankama's game developers as a whole can fine-tune the details in this document; it has a lot of very promising mechanical changes, but some of them should be changed to more useful and beneficial / less situational tools in order to benefit the Pandawa and his/her team, instead of cause even more problems than the usual ball-and-chain model typically provides. Once that's set, numbers can come later.

Rating: 3/5. (Interesting, but flawed in a few places.)
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Alright leta try to stop a few peeps right here.

This panda revamp is sh*t. There a couple of ways you could see it. Anakama was prob betting that the feca revamp would cloud the pandas, or to just nerf the OP 1vs1 pvp pandas. Before i go on, take a good look at your server and see who actually mains a panda. Using panda for Ubs isnt acceptable as a main. Panda are going extinct ( lol) they arent really needed for any ubs like they use to and nowadays people would rather have a high dmg dealer rather than a panda.

Pandas roll is simple right now.

water Water panda: It roll is to drop resist from a distance, meaning it gradually gets strong as long as it can keep hitting its target; and before people b*tch about it, its over all base dmg is decent.

fireFire panda: It's job was really to take advantage of the dizzy stacks for additional effects; sadly stackin dizzy to max required a minimum of 5 turns( all crits with bamboozle). Lowest base dmg but with passive it become a decent dmg dealing class.

earthEarth panda: The Offtank/ damage dealer: Close combat fight. Does great dmg, single target and AoE. Main issue is it need the barrel to use 3/5 spells, but it can also hectically fight for 6- 8 turns before falling asleep.

Apart from the earth branch wate/fire pandas are perfect, in terms of spells. What maxed Panda OP are the specs. Milky instinct is OP when it procs consecutively. The nerf of it should have been one block per turn. Or 20 % chance to block the first hit then 5 % chance to block the next. These are the kind of nerf I was expecting for the panda.

Now the new panda

if you look at closely you will see that this panda is a cross between the new eni and the old xelor. New eni ? Well now enis have the UR switch that swap all heal spells to dmg in the water branch. It's become a burden for eni. If you havent realized it yet eni have to play 12 ap ( if you want to do double revit AoE dmg, or use the 2 eni fire spell that allow self heal you need 12 cause the total ap cost for both is 10). The same thing will apply to the water fire or water/ earth panda. You'll need 2 ap for the switch and 10 for double milky fountain.

Now why the xelor ? Cause all branches neeed the barrel, not cause of the dmg reduction, but because of AoE heals for water, % dmg for fire, and the ability to do attacks for earth .

So ankama took two negative features and forced it on the pandas, without giving them a true dmg potential. The - mp and ap look nice on paper, but hyper movement/action could ruin a -mp-ap expectation. Fire panda would have been freakin miserable; not being able to hit above 45 base dmg at 100 for 5 ap, when most 4 ap spell hit for around 50-55 at 100. Water/fire pandas had the potential to be walking bloodthirsties, but ankama had to make the max heal 7 water heals :/ .The water panda get + % water dmg instead of + heals, and loses all that for a potential of 30 earth base dmg; versus a monster who has low water and earth it seems great but most mobs have decent earth res.

Well Grou should keep the New karch(-2mp, yes plz) and make the bottom less barrel become master of meriment ( that way allies can heal themselves through the barrel)

How I thought the panda would be like

waterWater would still be the same, but it wouldnt apply - dizzy to allies. The panda would be able to heal allies through the barrel, prob at a reduced value
firefire effects would be easier to proc
earthEarth a burst dmg branch, where doing more attacks with the barrels would stack something similar to cras riddling.

Score : 467
What i'd like to see is the actual usage of the main concept of the class which is that of great martial artists with theyr own original fighting style called pandawushu. But its been forgotten and the current panda just have a pair of fighterlike moves (a few punches and a pirouette). Maybe they could apply this point into the fire branch and make a sort of tricky debuffer fighter (instead of a midrange aoe damager), leaving the support and offtank domains to the water and earth branches respectively
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